Rustic homes are our favorite! In our modern design world, there is still a longing for living sustainably and to rekindle the nostalgia of how homeowners lived in earlier generations. Andreea and Bogdan are the happy owners of this amazing rustic house.

Located on a natural plateau in the middle of the forest, this rustic house is an example of sustainable architecture. The house is surrounded by a stunning site, with emerald green vegetation.

As you enter, you are greeted by a single interior hall with a rectangular floor plan. Exposed wooden beams reign over the space, defining the project’s charming, rustic style. One of the most distinguishing elements of the rustic house is their heavy use of natural wood timber in their structure. Many barns left the exposed structure visible as these buildings were for utilitarian purposes as opposed to being aesthetically pleasing. From exposed columns to roof trusses and exposed beams, we love the rustic appeal that brings to the home. Floor-to-ceiling windows on all sides open up the house to the hypnotizing forest views.

The program of the summer house gives priority to common spaces: The terrace, the kitchen, the living room and the dining room are situated on the main floor. The kitchen came with a large opening to the terrace and additional covered area, including an outdoor dining room and living room. All these rustic home decors add a charming touch to any interior and create a warm and inviting space. We really like the splashes of green color which enrich the entire rustic country home as well as the daring modern textures contrasting the traditional ones. The furniture is diverse and exquisite, just have a look at all the chairs, chests, tables and you will be convinced. Wood and stone are natural elements used both indoors and outdoors, with a great aesthetic effect. Enjoy this home and get inspired!

Nothing says rustic house like a wood sign, right? Another rustic element that you can find in this modern rustic home decor is the rustic sign for home. Wood signs are the hottest new decorating trend and one that I love dearly. You can find their rustic sign for home placed on the outdoor terrace. If you have a few old boards or better yet, some pallets, you have just about everything you need to get started. Pallets are great for these – and you know how much I love my pallet projects. Just check out these 25 DIY pallet projects.