Large windows are sometimes be a challenge. Today, they are used in homes all across the globe. Large windows in living rooms bring many benefits such as opening up the area, offering mesmerizing views, allowing light to travel in and also breeze during spring and autumn season. Whether your window is very wide, very tall or both, our collection features some ideas and tips for finding a window blind that’s right for your large picture window.  A vertical window treatment, such as a vertical blind or panel track sliding blind, usually works best on windows that are wider than they are tall, and add height and formality to a room.  Horizontal blinds (for large window treatments) on the other hand, such as cellular shades and wood blinds, work best on windows that are taller than they are wide, and enhance a cozy and casual decor.

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We like the large windows … they let the room look brighter, bringing the warmth of the sun.