The recent years have seen bohemian style become a global trend. People in different corners of the world are not only opting for clothing tailored to boho style but are also looking for ideas to give the interiors of their homes a bohemian chic finish. Before you learn the art of creating perfect Bohemian style interiors, you must know what Bohemian style actually is. The section below would help you to understand various characteristics of bohemian style and provide you with some highly effective tips for creating bohemian style interiors.

What is bohemian style?

To comprehend the concept of “bohemian style” it’s important to gather knowledge about the origin of the term. The term has been derived from the French expression “La Boheme”, which means gypsy. It is believed that people in Bohemia initiated the style, a region known housing a hefty gypsy population in the past. The gypsies had their own set of rules, which they followed for centuries. These people used to have unique solutions to some common situations people face in their daily life.

These days, the expression is, however, used primarily for describing the bohemian lifestyle followed by most 19th century artists. That’s probably because like the gypsies, artists also tend to have unique lifestyles.

About boho style interiors

The most striking feature of this style is surely the combination of textures, colors, and patterns embedded into the interiors. In addition, interiors are done in boho style also sport cultural influences from different parts of the globe. Here, it must be noted that individuals, who want everything to be in perfect order and love to spend time in rooms that have a separate place for every single component, should never opt for bohemian décor.

The unpredictable, unusual, and bright mixtures sported by Boho interiors tend to attract people who want their homes to have original interiors. You should opt for this style if you want your home to be an extension of your unique personality. According to experts, Bohemian home décor is the ideal option for individuals who want their homes to look lively and interesting.

By picking this style for your interiors, you will actually ensure that your home stands as the testimony of modern sensibilities and allows you to live in a relaxed and carefree environment. Another prominent feature of bohemian-styled rooms is that they have significant similarities, but no two rooms being exactly like each other.

Top 4 Tips for creating perfect bohemian style interiors

  • Pick the right colors

Bohemian style is almost similar to shabby chic style. The fascinating thing about bohemian style or shabby chic style is that there’s no need of sticking to any specific rules when adopting the style for doing up your home. However, there are surely some common colors. People opting for bohemian style prefer using metallic shades and warm, earthy colors. It would be a good idea to pick terra cotta, brown, gold and various other colors belonging to that family.

Electric blue, fiery orange, saturated purple, and other such jewel tones also do great when used for accessories like art and tapestries. The secret to a perfect bohemian interior lies in combining various warm colors in the right proportions. You have to remember that when it comes to boho style interior, there’s no space for white and most other cool colors. When decorating your rooms in boho style you should be ready to mix a lot of patterns. In addition, also don’t hesitate to use colors you would have never picked when decorating your rooms conventionally. Try out things like layering throws on furniture and hanging area rugs and tapestries on the walls.

  • Choose decorative materials abiding by the bohemian philosophy

Bohemian interiors require the creator to boost the ability to come up with unique mix and match ideas. You can use various natural materials such as sisal and burlap and combine them with chenille and silk to come up with more interesting creations. It would be good if you work with materials that sport slightly worn appearance. Don’t commit the mistake of using damaged materials; just make sure that the materials are not brand new or shiny. Every single item from lampshades to curtains to pillows may have fringes on them.

  • Go for bohemian furniture

You will get bohemian furniture is any store selling old and antique furniture. An ideal boho room should be filled with furniture (the original bohemian people kept collecting furniture and piled them up in their rooms). So, try to get as many vintage and second-hand items as you can.

Unlike most other styles of interior decoration, the sizes and shapes of the furniture are not very important when you are trying to decorate your rooms in boho style. However, make sure every single piece you are using is special and tells a story. Your aim should be forcing the visitors to wonder where you have collected all those pieces. If you are not sure what kind of furniture you should pick, go for Victorian items.

The Victorian style is ideal for bohemian style interiors as they almost have nothing that matches the style of modern-day furniture. Fainting couches and chaises done in saturated colors and boasting dark carved wooden frames are some of the pieces you should look to buy.

  • Don’t forget to use accessories

Picking the right accessories is one of the most important steps in the process of decorating a room irrespective of the style you have adopted. However, the importance of accessories becomes even more when doing up rooms in boho style. Like furniture, every accessory placed in a boho room should tell a story. Some of the items you can use include mismatched china clay articles, maps, vintage bottles, ornate boxes etc. Bohemians were known for being nomads; they used to travel a lot and collect items from different parts of the world.

If you don’t know how to decorate your interior you can simply buy a funny and attractive item- like this African wall decor that will cozy up your home in an instant.

Don’t forget! When picking accessories for your bohemian rooms you must ensure that you get items from various countries. The items picked by you might even include some glamorous pieces. For instance, you can look for articles like decorative gold mirrors and striking crystal chandeliers. It would be even better if those glamorous items are bought from antique stores.