What is shabby chic interior design? When you come across the term shabby, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Most people associate it with something that is useless, dirty and has been neglected for long. Literally, shabby chic, which consists of the word shabby and chic, has a meaning: dull and stylish. As the literal meaning, as well as the general sense of shabby chic. However, this term has a different meaning in the world of interior design and architecture. It is a form of design where furnishings are selected based on how aged they appear and the signs of wear and tear that they exhibit. New furnishings can also be distressed so that they can acquire that antique look. Shabby chic is one design style that can make any living space look elegant.

Easy to design

So, you would like to transform the visual appearance of your space, but there’s one thing that is holding you back; the cost. Some design styles are quite expensive to implement while others may require you to buy a new set of furniture. Shabby chic is a little bit different. Your old pieces of furniture can still be used to achieve the design style. You don’t need to strain yourself with the process of looking for new ones. Another thing that differentiates it from the others is its availability. You can easily find the materials needed for this style without visiting high-end stores. In other words, it is pocket-friendly.

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Simple and friendly

Simplicity defines Shabby Chic interior design ideas. The whole décor will have a worn-out appearance, and this includes all the furnishing and accessories. The décor is also multifaceted because it involves a combination of different features such as a plethora of colors and floral design styles. A broad range of furniture is also used to achieve the ultimate goal of the design. Such a combination of elegance and old styles makes people refer it as country chic or vintage chic.

How to achieve a shabby space in a room

Shabby décor has been in existence since the 1980s, and it has evolved to become one of the most popular interior design styles. As already mentioned, one of the reasons behind its massive popularity is the price and the ease to implement. Apart from being cheap, you can also apply the style on your own without seeking for external help from a professional interior designer.

Shabby chic is also quite versatile. You can apply it in any part of the house and still achieve your desired design outlook. For instance, the style can be used in your bathroom. Here you will put more energy into installing vintage fittings that will give this special room an exquisite appearance.

You can also use it in your home garden. For this type of setup, you can use a country-style summerhouse accompanied by an upcycled furnishing.

Color scheme and accessories

Color is one thing that is given the most significant priorities when choosing the interior design style. Shabby Chic works well when it is accompanied by a white color scheme. In fact, if you are using this style in your living room, don’t be strained by the issue of colors. A plain white scheme will work efficiently. Draperies coupled with slightly faded linens can give the place the desired vintage look. For the accessories, you can use wooden furniture and chandelier to add an extra glamour to the room.

When it comes to accessories in the shabby chic interior design, you need to ensure that there’s a balance between the old fixtures and the latest ones. Blending them in the right proportions will make the room look elegant without losing the traditional shabby touch. For instance, well-decorated rags can work well with old and rough laces. A vintage flower vase can be combined with colored and scented candles.

Furniture décor

An interior décor cannot be considered complete if it doesn’t include the furniture. Shabby interior décor gives sofas the highest level of priority. If you have a bigger couch in the room, you are bound to get the best out of this type of interior design style. Sofas with washable slipcovers can be easily customized to suit this design style. Worn-out or faded spots in such covers give an antique effect, which is an essential aspect of shabby chic interior design. You can add soothing colors to the furniture as they can evoke the ambiance of the room.

It is imperative to note that shabby interior design style can work with any wooden furniture. All you need is to tweak the color scheme. Just paint them white.

You also need to consider the texture of the furniture. Vintage furniture rarely has smooth surfaces. This means that you don’t have to go for the well-polished furniture. The surface of your tables should be slightly worn out whether it is made of metal or wood. A little fading on the surface will be a plus.

The same theory applies if you have wooden walls and flooring. The good news is that these surfaces can be easily changed to suit any design style.

Mirrors and frames

Shabby chic interior design can transform everything in your living space. This includes the frames that you use to preserve your pieces of arts and mirrors. They can be made to match with the design characteristics of the rest of the items in the house. You don’t have to go for expensive frames as you can get cheaper ones that will get the job done the same way. You can also rework on the existing frameworks by sanding them and applying some pastel paint. Also, view our article about  How to Decorate With Mirrors.

Second-hand vintage accessories

By now you can tell that most of the items that you need to create a shabby chic design can be purchased from flea markets. This includes those that add a special touch and aura. Don’t go for brand new accessories from high-end shops, but instead, buy those that look like they have been used for a while. Apart from being the perfect component of this design style, their prices are also fair.

Use vintage cups

Vintage cups can also be used to make shabby chic design complete. The Fine China cups, for example, can blend well with this design style. Keep in mind that they can be used for more than just for the decorating purposes; you can use them to serve snacks.

It’s no doubt that shabby chic interior design style can turn a plain space into something desirable. You will relax in the room enjoying every aspect of the new design.


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