Modern apartments are always hot sources of inspiration. Owned by graphic designer and music enthusiast Álvaro Lumbreras, the crib below caught our attention. Located in Madrid, the largest city of Spain, the flat gathers the essential characteristics of the country in a nutshell: dynamism, energy and appetite for colours. As you can easily notice, an all-white background was preferred so that books, posters, photographies and resident’s personal work could be exhibited harmoniously. Modern spirit, the owner knows how to play with contrasts to transform quite, simple corners into focal points. Take the kitchen, for example. A glass sculpture portraying a human head found its place on the countertop, near the sink, while the living room got the appearance of a Christmas tree with a net of lights hung on the wall. Have a look and pick the tips that could add personality to your modern house too.

Graphic-Apt-designrulz (1)

When you look at the whole layout, it is quite minimalistic in design. The pieces of furniture are simple, being perfectly integrated in this clear decor. 

Graphic-Apt-designrulz (2)

 The Eames rocking chair – one of our favourite piece in the living room. 

Graphic-Apt-designrulz (3)

Designer and music enthusiast Álvaro Lumbreras has a cool working area. 

Graphic-Apt-designrulz (4)

I love shelves that gather colourful memories of what we love and value. 

Graphic-Apt-designrulz (5)

Graphic-Apt-designrulz (6)

A mustard low sofa in the living with colourful pillows represents the focal area of the room.  

Graphic-Apt-designrulz (7)

The Barcelona chair designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich. The form is thought to be extrapolated from Roman folding chairs known as the Curule chair, upholstered stools used by Roman aristocracy.

Graphic-Apt-designrulz (8) Graphic-Apt-designrulz (9)

In the kitchen, the cabinets were painted in purple, thus obtaining a hot contrast to the otherwise very white apartment. 

Graphic-Apt-designrulz (10) Graphic-Apt-designrulz (11)

Photos: Inigo de Castro