If you want a splash of color and vitality for your home flowers are an ideal choice. They are great for giving a unique feel to your interior décor, and they are very easy to change so that your home always has a fresh feel.

If you are someone who is easily bored by the appearance of their living environment then changing your floral arrangements is a great solution. You get the change in style and color without having to paint, or strip wallpaper.


The traditional feel

Most traditional flower arrangements are made up of several different layers. The perfect backdrop to the arrangement is a frame of foliage; it makes the blooms that are then placed in the foreground really stand out.

If you build up your frame from the sides so that it has a high point at the back you will make sure that the whole area is covered. It’s important to note that you shouldn’t make the foliage too thick as you need to have plenty of room in the vase for the blooms themselves.

Once you have completed the backdrop you need to select your feature blooms; they don’t all have to be the same size and color but they should complement each other and they should stand out against the foliage background. With the featured flowers in place you can intersperse them with that extra touch, such as a few wispy fern fronds. This just provides the finishing touch to your flower feature.


Try inverting it

If you want to veer away from the traditional then why not try inverting your blooms. This may sound a little strange but it can be very effective, especially in a contemporary home which would benefit from a creative interior décor touch. Invest in a modern slim line glass vase and fill it to a couple of inches from the top. Insert an orchid sprig into the vase inverted and you have an interesting portrait of nature.


For an easy life

Flowers are an excellent way of decorating your home but it isn’t everyone that has the time to invest in replenishing their floral displays as the blooms die. If you think you are going to struggle replacing the floral arrangements in your home then you are going to have to think carefully. Very few things look worse in a home than dead flowers in a vase. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have flowers in your home; you can opt for faux blooms. You can get flowers delivered in all major cities from Brisbane to New York, there are plenty of choices & arrangements to suit your situation.


The initial investment will be higher but you will probably save money in the long run. You also have the benefit of never having to replace the flowers, although they do need to be kept clean. Of course you will miss out on the opportunity to change the colors and styles of your flowers on a regular basis, unless you are willing to regularly spend money on synthetic flowers. This isn’t necessarily a problem if you choose the blooms to fit in with your other décor.