Those who love contemporary house design insist on cutting out all the unnecessary details. That means decorations that are discrepant, dispensable items of furniture, excessive accessories and lots of pieces we usually gather for future needs. Instead, the inhabitants praise openness, transparency, luminosity and freedom. There are many beautiful contemporary homes all over the world and their designs vary regardless of the location, culture or influences. To better illustrate this idea we have selected 15 Spectacular Brazil Houses, all located in Brazil.

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Brazil is a country blessed with natural beauty and the buzz of megalopolises and resorts. Amid glamorous beaches and lush tropical vegetation, contemporary Brazilian architects are establishing a global reputation through house and hotel design that combines a bold contemporary aesthetic with a uniquely Brazilian sensibility. As it usually happens, they share a series of similar characteristics but they also each have their own unique elements. From São Paolo and Rio to the coastal towns of Paraty and Ilhabela, from city homes to country retreats and seaside escapes, these pages reflect the vitality of Brazil’s architecture and design today. We love our selection of these amazing Brazil houses and hope you will appreciate this article! Enjoy!

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Studiomk27 Designs a Home Surrounded by the Thick Rainforest of Guarujá, Brazil

A swimming pool on the roof of this concrete residence by Brazilian office Studio MK27 sits within the dense canopy of a coastal rainforest in São Paulo state. To take full advantage of the scenic landscape, the architects placed the primary living spaces alongside the pool on the building’s uppermost floor. Bedrooms are set within the main volume of the house – a board-marked concrete block that is elevated over a wooden deck, but that rests one end on a stony step in the terrain.

Arquitetura Nacional Designs an Open Space Private Residence in Xangri-Lá, Brazil

Casa Enseada is a residential project completed by Arquitetura Nacional.
It is located in Xangri-Lá, Brazil.

Gustavo Arbex Designs a Stunning Contemporary Home in Itupeva, Brazil

Residência RPII is a home located in Itupeva, Brazil. It was designed by Gustavo Arbex in 2015. The design of this functional residence, which emphasized visual connection between living areas, features grand clean modern lines. The integration of most rooms with the living/entertaining areas, enabled the use of ample glazed doors and window openings over large spans; all framed by spectacular surrounding scenery.

Obra Arquitetos Design a Contemporary Home in Amparo, Brazil

House JJ is a residential project completed by Obra Arquitetos in 2015. The house is located in the Serra da Mantiqueira, in the city of Amparo, Sao Paulo.The nature of the site, with steep incline and privileged view we chose to design the residence towards the formation of a platform, with a public and wide dimension. In the shaded area, which features the living room, dining room, kitchen and laundry area, much of it is glazed allowing, this way, the full visibility of the external environment. [photos]

At night, the city lights softly illuminate the ambients.


Fernanda Marques Arquitetos Associados Designs a Contemporary Home in Porto Feliz, Brazil

Fazenda Boa Vista is a private home located in Porto Feliz, Brazil. It was designed by Fernanda Marques Arquitetos Associados in 2015. Measuring 700m² (7,535ft²), the steel framed house follows the shape of the terrain. The spaces, in turn, were laid out so as to offer a view of the lake and the golf course from every single on. The whole façade is made from seamless sliding panes. Few and refined materials, such as wood, stone and glass reaffirm the project’s essentiality. At sunset it becomes completely permeable to the view: a large light box reflected on the swimming pool water.

SPBR Arquitetos Design a Contemporary Home in Ubatuba, Brazil

Casa em Ubatuba II is a private home located in Ubatuba, Brazil. It was designed by SPBR Arquitetos in 2014.


Leaf House in Brazil by Mareines + Patalano Arquitetura

Rio de Janeiro-based studio Mareines + Patalano Arquitetura has completed the Leaf House project in 2008. All surfaces finishes, except for glass and pre-oxidized copper are natural: Grey tiles of stone from the site, bamboo meshes, local wood from re-management forests, earthy flooring and wood reused from old electricity posts. The use of all these natural materials, the transparency of the glass, the neutrality of the oxidized copper relating to the prevailing green of the designed and natural landscape along with the organic composition of the house and rich diversity of textures and rhythms created a very desirable reality: The sensation of belonging to the site, in harmony with the exuberant Brazilian nature.

MF+ Arquitetos Designs a Private Residence in Franca, Brazil

Designers and architects MF+ Arquitetos decided that a transforming home was the best thing for both weather and style in Franca, Sao Paulo, Brazil, so they designs and built Casa MCNY. This unique home, which was finished in 2016, is designed to create a smooth transition experience for visitors coming in and out, with the indoor and outdoor areas blending together and remaining just as enjoyable to sit in as the other.

Spacious Contemporary Home in Brasilia, Brazil

Osler House was designed by Studio mk27 in 2009. Located in Brasilia, Brazil, the home covers an area of 270 m2. At first sight, it looks like two blocks placed one on top of the other in a perpendicular way. The site of the Osler House lies at the edge of Brasilia’s pilot plan, at the tip of one of Paranoá Lake estuaries. The house is a poetic commentary on modern architecture, above all on Brazilian modernism, starting from a contemporary re-reading of the building materials and techniques. The home has a modern style in its exterior and walls of concrete, glass, and wood that create an imposing effect. The upper volume propped on the ground-floor volume, on one side, and on pilotis on the other; accommodates the living room, the kitchen (done with low-height furniture) and a small office. This upper box creates a shady area and over the ground-floor prism, an extension of the living room, is the solarium.

Equipe Lamas Designs a Contemporary Home in Brasilia, Brazil

This house, built surrounded by dense vegetation and specifically designed for a family that loves the environment and seeks to connect with it, is located in Lago Sul, Brasilia, Brazil, and was designed by Equipe Lamas in 2016. It covers a total area of 850 meters squared, all organized in one level. The architecture of the House 28 presents as an extension of the arid and lush landscape from the Cerrado Biome. A family that sought tranquility and connection with nature commissioned this urban refuge located 10 minutes away from the national congress of Brasilia. Its exterior is populated by ravishing green gardens, comfortable yards, and a beautiful blue-turquoise pool surrounded by tall trees; truly a space where the family can enjoy direct contact with the outdoors.

Studio mk27 Designs a Contemporary Home in São Paulo

Ramp House is a private home located in São Paulo, Brazil. Completed in 2015, it was designed by Studio mk27. The proprietors mean to change over the spot in a social establishment later on, subsequently the relic pieces, gathered in the course of the most recent decades, have decided the compositional configuration approach for the house: the utilization of the social spaces uncover the African covers in a fragile display experience, in which workmanship mixes with ordinary items and local life converges with the recorded pieces without the sentiment living in a historical center. A 25.50 meters in length incline – which unites the parlor on the ground floor with the rooms on the first floor, where are additionally found the little home workplaces .  This development between floors is made easily, as a break between the aggregate and the personal regions.

Patricia Almeida Arquitetura Designs a Contemporary Home in the Heart of Brasilia

Casa Jones is a private home located in Brasilia, Brazil. It was designed by Patricia Almeida Arquitetura in 2012. The house is located in a residential area of Brasilia that despite being in the city center, provides great interaction with nature. Given the urban planning requirements of the district, the project focuses within the minimum limits of recess from the access road so the entire background could be occupied by the green area, as requested by the customers.
The project starting point was the couple’s desire to have a house that integrates with the landscape, combined with the functionality and aesthetics.
Our goal was to bring the landscape into using the architecture. The project designed from the outside in shows full integration between the interior and exterior, and through large openings and skylights, it values the natural lighting and ventilation.
The impenetrable surfaces of the main façade guarding the findings surprise reserved for those who enters. Daylighting happens many ways, but its main impact comes from above and it is present in almost all the house’s rooms. The sky can be seen from various parts of the house.
This natural light brings light and breaks the straight lines’s coldness, valuing the materials used and providing a better use of daylight that also feeds the heating system through solar panels.

Garden House by David Guerra Architecture and Interior

David Guerra Architecture and Interior has completed the Garden House, a renovation project of a house built thirty years ago in Brazil. The office was hired to make a reconstruction and interiors project. One of the main wishes was to make the interior/exterior integration bigger, making the garden participate in the day-by-day of the house, bringing more light to the rooms that used to be too dark. All the bathrooms, kitchen and service clear covering, giving an opposite idea of the wood in the structures. Only in the gourmet kitchen the sand tone was chosen, with the use of the demolition wood, ceramic Brennand, and granite capão bonito, enhanced by the proximity from the green in the garden. The idea of the house is to present itself always opened for friends, so, the architect found in the interior design the intention do dialog these integrated and cozy spaces, providing lightness, invitation and meeting, in addition to host several personal objects, got by the owners and loaded with a memory value. Natural characteristic, neutral and raw tones give coziness.

Lake House by David Guerra Architecture and Interior

David Guerra Architecture and Interior has completed the Lake House, a contemporary house located in Rio Acima, a Brazilian municipality in the state of Minas Gerais.
Designed for a business women and an adult son, the 3,660 square foot residence sits on a sloping lot that affords with water or hillside panoramic views.

White Contemporary House In Brazil With Swimming Pool Garden

Brazilian architect firm Bento e Azevedo Arquitetos Associados has completed the Casa Carqueija in 2008. With two bedrooms and two bathrooms, this lovely 2,800 square foot residence is located in Camaçari, Brazil. The house was horizontally sited into its site, a strong relationship and environmental concerns make the project keep the natural landscape and sloping topography, in a way that the house floats on the spot creating two different levels of occupations. A couple of steps leads to the entrance, from the house a stair connect the green outside area where the swimming pool and the barbecue are placed. Exterior architecture elegant pool with awesome white chair fantastic contemporary house features also nice glass window amusing contemporary homes.  The furniture pieces are modern and practical, as are the state-of-the-art appliances and amenities found throughout the house. [photos]


A Country Home in Brazil by Ana Cristina Faria & Maria Flávia Melo

This stunning country contemporary home was designed jointly by Ana Cristina Faria & Maria Flávia Melo.
It is located near São Sebastiao das Águas Claras, Minas Gerais, Brazil, and has an elegant interior that only heightens the sense of relaxation that pervades the atmosphere. [photos]