Contemporary interior design is the opposite of classic — it is bold and trendy and emphasizes popular design. In contemporary homes, shapes and textures take the spotlight. Natural materials, such as linen and jute, are often paired with curvy, geometric furniture and mix-and-match metal and wood. Contemporary-Modern design is characterized by clean, simple lines, a minimum of decoration, lots of glass, and flat or shed rooflines. Many feature unusual open floor plans and Indoor/outdoor living spaces. Unlike stark modern or elegant traditional spaces, a contemporary house is not afraid of color; bright, contrasting hues and stark black and white are both often found in this interior design style. If you enjoy luxury and modern architecture and design, then you should look at these amazing modern houses that will take away your breath. All contemporary houses are beautiful and you will fall in love with them at a first sight. Contemporary designs is represented by clean lines and simplicity, which give serenity and wonderful look.

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[photo source: Contemporary House in South Africa: Cove 3 by SAOTA and ARRCC]

When it comes to contemporary architecture, dramatic details and shapes are must-have components, while indoor-outdoor living, open floor plans and natural light are also key. Below we present you one collection of 5 Contemporary Residence Design Ideas. See some beautiful designs that surely will leave you without words. Take a deep breath and enjoy!

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[photo source: Amazing House Surrounded by Nature: Mororó House by Studio MK27]

From our cars, fashion and technology to the world of design in architecture and interiors. Many use the term contemporary or modern interchangeably to mean a more relaxed break of traditional norms and new concepts of richness of design and modern age thinking. Modern can also refer to a time period of design style from the 1920’s -1950’s.


[photo source: Amazing House Surrounded by Rainforest: Planchonella House by Jesse Bennett]

From bringing in light to dark spaces to opening up floor plans and introducing clean-lined furnishings, here are 5 ways to bring contemporary flair into your interiors.

1. Bring light into interiors effortlessly

Light and airy rooms replaced the small and dark ones and these details you can adopt in your own home.

2. Opt for subtle colors with accents of more vibrant color you really love.

Using neutral tones of gray, brown, and blacks and whites for flooring, furnishings, lighting fixtures and textiles.

3. Use of natural materials can create a beautifully interior & exterior

The contemporary period of living brought about a new sense of using organic materials such as wood, rock, slate, teak, cotton, wool, and other gorgeous textiles in modern furnishings and not just reserved to traditional home uses.

4. Airiness brings a more relaxed interior to your contemporary home

Furniture designers started to create sofas, tables, and home furnishings that reflected a more relaxed approach to living.

5. Contemporary Elements – Bare floors in gorgeous finishes

The contemporary age of living has made way to new materials, but also a relaxed feeling to interiors with minimal lines, and less “stuff”. Bare floors in gorgeous finishes such as hardwoods, ceramic and porcelain tiles, travertine stone and marble have made way to contemporary living.

The Best Minecraft Player Buys an Incredible $4.5 Million Mansion, Los Angeles, California

Jordan Maron is one of the best players in the world at Minecraft. Known on YouTube as CaptainSparklez, he’s got 1.9 billion views on his channel which is simply videos of him playing Minecraft. Now signed by Polaris, a division of Maker Studios, he’s now raking in the cash just by playing video games. Coincidentally, last year, billionaire “Minecraft” creator Markus “Notch” Persson shelled out $70 million for a 23,000-square-foot mansion a few thousand feet away from CaptainSparklez’s pad in nearby Trousdale Estates.

2 Jordan-Maron-4 (2) 2 Jordan-Maron-4 (1)2 Jordan-Maron-4 (3)

Modern Post And Beam Architecture by HUF HAUS

Do you know what post and beam architecture is? The process of building with heavy timbers such as timber framing, post and lintel or pole building framing. Preserved over centuries, the model is illustrated beautifully in the project below, a house realized by Huf Haus studio. Usually, the facades with their rich embellishments attract us to the building. But, behind them stands a structured and extremely smart, advanced design. ‘The timber framed construction is nick named the ‘Skeleton Construction’. This term is taken from the human skeleton, which just like the timber frame is a self-supporting structure. All other components such as the wall panels, ceilings, floors and roofs are supported by the structure.’, the architects explained on their website. The innovative post and beam architecture has a fascinating, as well as, expressive look. Wooden beams warmed with generous glazing form a visual gateway to the environment nearby creating a wonderful living space and experience.

1- ART3_Hartenfels_designrulz (1) 1- ART3_Hartenfels_designrulz (2)

A house of glass, steel and concrete overlooks a rural valley in Germany

Paul de Ruiter Architects designed this new house on a hillside, in a rural area of Thuringia, Germany. The house is mostly glass, steel and concrete, and features a central swimming pool that thrusts forward, enjoying views of the surrounding valley.

villak_designrulz (1) villak_designrulz (2) villak_designrulz (3)

H House by PAARQ Arquitectos

A place of refuge for a surfer who rescues the sea on its horizon.

At the edge of a dirt road surrounded by old eucalyptus and cypress trees, you can discover the hills of Punta de Lobos, Pichilemu, a lonely and elevated landscape with the sea on its horizon is the terrace to one of the best waves worldwide.

H House PAARQ Arquitectos-designrulz (1) H House PAARQ Arquitectos-designrulz (2) H House PAARQ Arquitectos-designrulz (3) H House PAARQ Arquitectos-designrulz (4) H House PAARQ Arquitectos-designrulz (8) H House PAARQ Arquitectos-designrulz (9) H House PAARQ Arquitectos-designrulz (10) H House PAARQ Arquitectos-designrulz (11)

Trigg Residence by Hillam Architects

Australia-based architecture firm Hillam Architects designed the Trigg Residence, a contemporary house overlooking the Indian ocean located in Trigg, Western Australia. A stairway to beachside heaven. This family residence on a prominent corner in the beachside suburb of Trigg was conceived as an inviting summer house. The home’s design contrasts a dramatic multi-level form with refined, high-quality internal detailing to create a sophisticated tranquil sanctuary for its discerning owners. The expansive, ground level entry hall features a dramatic floating staircase with sculptural lighting which leads up to the main living areas on the first floor and a spectacular 180 degree view of the beach and the Indian Ocean. Sensuous sweeping curves flow through the kitchen bulkhead and cabinets, and these are subtly complimented by custom pendant lighting, contemporary modular furniture and black limestone flooring. A constant and deliberately minimal palette gives this home a seamless flow and a very spacious feel, ensuring the view is the home’s most celebrated feature.

Trigg Residence-designtulz (1)Trigg Residence-designtulz (2)Trigg Residence-designtulz (3)Trigg Residence-designtulz (4)