Those who love contemporary house design insist on cutting out all the unnecessary details. That means decorations that are discrepant, dispensable items of furniture, excessive accessories and lots of pieces we usually gather for future needs. Instead, the inhabitants praise openness, transparency, luminosity and freedom. This is exactly the case with the Casa 5 below, spotted on, and realized by Arquitectura en Estudio. Enjoying a marvelous location, the residence offers to its inhabitants the possibility to admire the surrounding mountains and valley through large transparent windows. A wide central patio fills up the spaces with natural sunlight and becomes the heart of the activity within the house. As you can easily notice, the dining area and the living room are connected to this green space.

casa 5 designrulz (1)

The frameless windows allow the presence of the greenery to be felt everywhere.

casa 5 designrulz (5)

The pavilion look is common to a contemporary house design.

casa 5 designrulz (6) casa 5 designrulz (7)

The wood flooring warms the interior.

casa 5 designrulz (8)

Spots of green animate the dining area.

casa 5 designrulz (9)

Some people say white is not for kitchens because it is difficult to stay clean when cooking. Well, I love their option because the interior feels airy and bright.

casa 5 designrulz (10)

What about enjoying a conversation and not watching TV in the living room?

casa 5 designrulz (11) casa 5 designrulz (12) casa 5 designrulz (13) casa 5 designrulz (14) casa 5 designrulz (15)

casa 5 designrulz (2) casa 5 designrulz (3) casa 5 designrulz (4)