Yes, another great year is now behind, and you can now see what people loved the most in the past 2013th year. This is definitely my favorite thing to look forward to at the end of every year.

#January House Among Pines – An Unitary Space that Uses Forest as its Garden 

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#February  A House With Glass Walls And Lush Vegetation, South Africa

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#March  Peak of Perfection: Wonderful Logació Mountain Residence by Nösslinger Hotel Projekt

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#April  Collective Eco-Housing La Canopée by Patrick Arotcharen Architecte

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#May  House in Itaipava by Cadas Arquitetura

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#June  Casa Talia: Private Terrace for Each Room by Marco Giunta


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# July  Spectacular Luis Barragán Fountain Home Remodel by Tim Cambell

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# August  Hillside Residence by Trunbull Griffin Haesloop Architects


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#September: Diminished House by Wahana Cipta Selaras, South Jakarta, Indonesia

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# October: Lakeside House by Spado Architects

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# November: Wheelchair-optimized House by Dietger Wissounig Architekten, Austria


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# December: Gallery House by GM Arquitectdesignrulz best (12)os