Spado Architects have designed an extension to a lakeside house in Carinthia, Austria. The extension to a lakeside residential house, comprising three storeys in all, plays on the shape of the landscape and nestles into the steep slope that runs from south to north down to the lake. Facing the lake, it creates 3 all-glass residential storeys with the kitchen enthroned at their centre, like the command bridge of a ship. The projections and recesses lend the extension a feeling of lightness, creating roofed outside areas and also making each of the 3 storeys stand out visually. The kitchen faces east, with its distinctive “eye”, receiving the morning sun. The facade is covered with opaque white glass panels, contrasting in places with high-gloss black glass elements. A house on a lake is usually aligned with the views of the lake. Although facades which face northwards to the lake may appear unfavorable at first glance, their advantages become obvious in summer. There’s no need to install any shades and they never get over-heated. In this context, north-facing walls are ideal when you have all-glass facades. The lake becomes the main protagonist.


Lakeside Hous- Spado Architects-designrulz-003 Lakeside Hous- Spado Architects-designrulz-004 Lakeside Hous- Spado Architects-designrulz-005 Lakeside Hous- Spado Architects-designrulz-006 Lakeside Hous- Spado Architects-designrulz-007 Lakeside Hous- Spado Architects-designrulz-008 Lakeside Hous- Spado Architects-designrulz-009 Lakeside Hous- Spado Architects-designrulz-010 Lakeside Hous- Spado Architects-designrulz-011 Lakeside Hous- Spado Architects-designrulz-012  Lakeside Hous- Spado Architects-designrulz-014 Lakeside Hous- Spado Architects-designrulz-015 Lakeside Hous- Spado Architects-designrulz-016 Lakeside Hous- Spado Architects-designrulz-017 Lakeside Hous- Spado Architects-designrulz-018 Lakeside Hous- Spado Architects-designrulz-019 Lakeside Hous- Spado Architects-designrulz-020Lakeside Hous- Spado Architects-designrulz-013Lakeside Hous- Spado Architects-designrulz-001Lakeside Hous- Spado Architects-designrulz-002