Who wouldn’t like to relax in a wonderful garden after a busy day? Spotted on  homedsgn.com, the house we present you today is located in  the suburb of Ferndale in Johannesburg, South Africa and it was designed by Nico van der Meulen. One thing you notice after looking at the pictures is the use of vegetation as a natural “connector” between interior and exterior. The weather may become very annoying for the inhabitants during the summer.  Several areas from the house are opened to the sky at the center and a deciduous tree was retained in one atrium to act as an umbrella.  With a large water feature, it helps cool the house in summer. In most rooms there are several vantage points into the lush gardens and you always feel you are surrounded by nature and water. Moreover, four meter high walls on three sides of the property cut out all traffic noise and enabled them to live without any burglar bars.

House in Ferndale-designrulz-001
This residence in a leafy Johannesburg suburb was designed by Nico van der Meulen, founder of Nico van der Meulen Architects in 1986, on a 2000sq.m.
House in Ferndale-designrulz-034
The existing pool was retained as well as many trees as possible.
House in Ferndale-designrulz-033
One of the 4 bedrooms.
House in Ferndale-designrulz-032
A little paradise at home!
House in Ferndale-designrulz-031
The studio area is fitted with a kitchenette and a cozy lounge area overlooking the gardens.
House in Ferndale-designrulz-030
The walls were left uncovered in the studio.
House in Ferndale-designrulz-029
The downstairs studio area has its own side entrance enabling staff and clients to enter without going into the private residence.

House in Ferndale-designrulz-028 House in Ferndale-designrulz-027 House in Ferndale-designrulz-026 House in Ferndale-designrulz-025 House in Ferndale-designrulz-024 House in Ferndale-designrulz-023 House in Ferndale-designrulz-022 House in Ferndale-designrulz-021 House in Ferndale-designrulz-020 House in Ferndale-designrulz-019 House in Ferndale-designrulz-018 House in Ferndale-designrulz-017 House in Ferndale-designrulz-016 House in Ferndale-designrulz-015 House in Ferndale-designrulz-014 House in Ferndale-designrulz-013 House in Ferndale-designrulz-012 House in Ferndale-designrulz-011 House in Ferndale-designrulz-010 House in Ferndale-designrulz-009 House in Ferndale-designrulz-008 House in Ferndale-designrulz-007 House in Ferndale-designrulz-006 House in Ferndale-designrulz-005 House in Ferndale-designrulz-004 House in Ferndale-designrulz-003 House in Ferndale-designrulz-002House in Ferndale-designrulz-035