Oh I am so excited about this one! I am so happy to be sharing this article with you! Recently I discovered these amazing African juju hats. There are one of the most adored contemporary wall decoration items. Do you ever heard about Juju hats? I remember the first time I saw a Juju hat in an issue of Design Interior magazine. It was white, and I was instantly in love! I didn’t know what it was or where one would even obtain one, but it was one of those design elements that I knew I wanted to incorporate into my own house some day- no matter where or how!

This crazy beautiful Juju hat has become a contemporary and colorful wall hanging for homes, hotels, bars, restaurants and all types of interior spaces. It sits on the wall spectacular in its abundance of shades and shapes. It looks great! A true contender as an Iconic designer piece.

Juju hats, or Tyn hats, were worn by royal dancers during Bamileke tribal ceremonies. The royal families and chiefs of Cameroon’s Bamileke, Tikar and Babanki tribes traditionally wear these feathered juju hats as ceremonial headdresses, representing a bird’s ability to touch the heavens. They symbolized prosperity and were created from natural or dyed chicken and wild bird feathers. They are still handcrafted and imported from Cameroon and can be found in a variety of sizes with prices ranging from $80-$500+. Luckily you have two options: to buy or DIY !

Don’t know what to do with a blank wall? Let me suggest this amazing wall decoration. These hats add so much texture to your room! The juju hat, which can be used as a spectacular eye-catching wall decor, has, over the years, become one of the most « must have » decor object. I literally want to run my fingers through them and feel its texture every time I see them.

Most of them are handmade in a traditional manner by extremely talented craftsmen. If you do not prefer bold colors or are looking for a more neutral option, these Juju hats are also amazing in natural shades. You can DIY your own Juju hat or just order from the internet! Only what you have to do is to search around for your favorite colors and be sure to check that they have your dimension available before you order so you can sit down and make your own Juju hat next weekend.  Because are natural materials used, we highly recommend that you continue treating the headdress every two to three months with an anti Moth spray. Lovely! I am in love with all of these beautiful textured Juju Hats which are so appealing!

Juju hat is a beautifully natural wall decoration. The Juju hat folds up into itself to be very portable when moving or storing. If you were to go to Cameroon or any good markets in Sub-Saharan Africa you will find Juju Hats being sold to local people and tourists. Or, you can order from Amazon right now!

Now, I realize that I’m a juju person, myself. I don’t put anything in my house unless I either adore it, or it has some special significance to me. I want to love everything in my home, and juju hats are on my love list. So, what about you? Which room of yours needs one of these?

Juju hat is a perfect idea if you don’t know how to decorate a blank wall! These fabulous statement pieces will transform your interior and are quickly becoming a must-have wall decoration.