For today we decided to present a selection of the most impressive beach houses presented on DesignRulz, in order to provide inspiration for your next holiday house. Here are the 15 most popular Beach Houses featured on DesignRulz  on 2012, according to your Facebook “Likes”. Once again, go grab your favorite drink, sit back, relax, and don’t forget to click the photos for more information and further pictures of the building in question! Enjoy this ‘green paradise’ display below and don’t forget to give us your feedback!

Amazing Grace: Beautiful Private Beach House with Incredible Surroundings


Beach house by Andhika Nugraha



Marcus Beach House in Australia by Robinson Architects


Private Ocean Front Home with Beautiful Surroundings


Beach House Las Lomas I-05 par Vértice Arquitectos

Beautiful Cliff House with 180 Degrees Panorama of the Sea



Eco Luxury Resort: Southern Ocean Lodge, Kangaroo Island, Australia

Iporanga House by Isay Weinfeld: A Place Where You Can Only Just Relax


Exotic and Modern Laranjeiras House in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Pretty Beach House


Villa Olive Offers a Breathtaking View Over the Island Hills



Two Holiday Beach Houses on the Pacific Coast by Izquierdo Lehmann


A Contemporary House In Touch with Tradition: Padaro Residence by B3 Architects Located in Carpinteria, California