DIY wreaths are simply fantastic! Easy to assemble, they stimulate your creativity and enrich your lovely home with style. Moreover, you can protect the environment while practicing your imagination. Most of the decorative wreaths below make use of recycled materials. From wooden circular bands and paper accessories to vintage textiles and dried flowers, you have a wide range of possibilities to explore. Exceed your limits and try these projects at home together with your kids! They will adore cutting, gluing and assembling the materials. Our collection is colorful, bold and impressive. Are you looking for beautiful wreaths across America? These decors are the hottest spots this fall!

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Clothes-pins with attitude

I’ve already tried this at home and I can say it is one of the easiest pick of our 65 DIY Wreaths Collection. Take a round band (steel, wood, plastic) and ‘anchor’ the pins on it. Add glass beads in between and you will obtain an interesting visual effect. You can also use an old steel cloth hanger for the circular band. The colored pins are catchy, but you can try a natural look as well. Attach some photos to personalize the wreath! Green and red represent the perfect combination for Christmas wreath decors.

DIY Wreaths Bring Sweet Memories Alive

Before making this fantastic memory wreath, browse your archive and select the photos you want to exhibit. It is a good idea to organize them by themes: kids, summer vacations, winter holidays, picnics, parties, visits to the country side etc. I am sure the computer is loaded. Then, prepare the support/ frame for the photos. You can glue them on thin pieces of board and plastic or you can simply use then ‘bare’ without any additional support. You are free to try various shapes, but, as the wreath is round, you’d better stick with the tradition. Glue them together and add a decorative satin ribbon on top.

Christmas Wreath from Recycled Materials

Easy, sustainable, future-orientated. This is the new trend in design. Just gather a bunch of plastic/ paper party glasses, pile them up and attach a beautiful ribbon on top of it. The drawings on the glasses impose its destination. In this case, a catchy Christmas wreath resulted. It is not glamorous, but it has its blaze. It would integrate amazingly in a contemporary neat decor, in a living room, a hallway or hanging from the door. In case you are the lucky owner of a cafe or library, consider the transfer there. Due to its non-sophisticated look, it adapts easily to public spaces too. Moreover, this wreath decor will represent an eco-friendly accessory of your place.

Sunny Wreath Decor

Perfect for gardens and terraces, the wheat wreath is like a terrestrial welcoming sun. You do not have to work hard to make it and it is one of the most beautiful fall season decoration. The project is really inexpensive and easy. You need a round basic form for the ‘body’, wire to wrap/ attach the wheat bundles on it and clippers to cut the leftovers. Take the wheat and make some attractive little bundles. Attach them to the body and fix them tightly using wire. Finally, decorate it with linen ribbons and dried flowers.

How to Make Wreath Decor Hangers

If you opt for a wreath decor hanger, make it before starting the decoration. This way, you will know fore sure where the top is and you can also hang it in front of you while decorating. What kind of materials do we usually use for hangers? Styrofoam, wire and straw wreaths are light and flat enough to hang on a nail. If your wreath is heavily decorated on one side, fix a hanger to keep it centered.

Delicate Textiles For Wreath Decor

It might sound strange, but there are many textiles to try for wreaths. From silky soft – tulle, taffeta, cotton – to rough tastes – linen, yarn, wool, canvas. The model above represents a dramatic masterpiece. Black tulle with violet and orange flowers co-exists in a very emotional contrast. It reminds me of a bold ballerina costume and I believe it is perfect for a cafe theater salon or an impressive living room. You can also add some glitter if you want a glamorous atmosphere.