Have you ever thought of decorating the home with recycled materials? Although it is difficult to imagine that an unattractive empty box can become an astonishing decoration, the present gallery will convince you that it deserves a second chance. Your home will get a fresh modern touch and, in the same time, you will raise awareness about wise consumption amongst your friends and relatives. As you might know, there are millions of egg carton boxes on the market and few of them return to recycling plants. If you do not know how to reuse them, here are some great ideas of how to recycle egg cartons: 30 Recycling Egg Cartons Craft Ideas. Take a look and start your DIY project!


Are Egg Cartons Recyclable?

Of course they are! You will be amazed to discover how far creativity goes. The colourful wind chimes are absolutely adorable, while the paper flowers bouquet with vintage buttons is one of the catchiest living room decorations I’ve lately seen. Their easy going feel add naturalness to the room and intrigues the guests. Moreover, you can invite your kids to participate in the creative process. What do you need for a styrofoam recycling session? Scissors, glue, fine thread, paint. Beside this basic kit, a bunch of accessories will make the products look ravishing. For example, led spots, vintage unique button and pieces of refined textiles. Use them for lighting pendants, decorative flowers, trays or mirror frames. Remember that egg cartons can also be a problem on waste management because we have a lot of them, and most of us don’t know what to do or how to recycle them. But, as you can easily notice, there are a lot of creative solutions for this problem.

$5 DIY Egg Carton Lamp


DIY Centerpieces Made Out of Egg Cartons and Vintage Buttons

egg box (10)

Learn how to make these very simple roses from egg cartons! Quick and easy!

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Are Styrofoam Egg Cartons Recyclable?

Yes, you can recycle styrofoam egg cartons. This splendid mirror frame represents a garland made of paper flowers. Firstly, you have to cut all the tiny egg shells/ containers of the box. Depending on how rich you’d like the inflorescence to be, you might use between 2 and 4 shells for one flower. Take a pair of scissors and cut several vertical lines at every 4-5 centimeter. Unfold the resulted petals and pile the shells up. Glue them in the middle and arrange the petals in blossom. A silvery grey paint will make the frame look elegant and precious.

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How To Make An Egg Carton Flower Pendant Light

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These lighting garlands made of egg cartons look fabulous on the mirror. Paint them in various colours and you will obtain amazing visual effects. Make tulips or snowdrops from egg cartons and insert little bulbs inside. You will have a beautiful and functional installation for you dreamy evenings.

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Are Foam Egg Cartons Recyclable?

You’d better start saving the empty egg cartons in your house because they are on an ascending trend right now. Carefully crafted and painted in various colours, they become beautiful ornaments for your living room, reading corner or kitchen. For example, paper flowers are the hottest on the list. You can attach the flower to a thin stick (bat or steel wrapped in paper) or use dried branches instead. The latter will make the bouquet look natural and wild.

egg box (5)  egg box (7)

A colourful wreath made of egg cartons pieces. It is very easy to practice your creativity with pieces of cartons: petals of various sizes and models, leaves, tree branches and many more.

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Catchy Decorations With Recyclable Items

What can be recycled? The most common recyclable items we deposit in our household are metals, paper/ cardboard, glass, plastics, batteries, bulbs, electronics. Besides their functionality, some of these items can be transformed into beautiful decorations. Are foam egg cartons recyclable? Yes, they are. The picture above illustrates a collection of ten decorative flowers made of egg cartons. Attach a protective glass and use them as candle holders or candy bowls.

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DIY Egg Carton Heart Wall Ornament




Egg Carton Flowers

Egg Carton Flowers (1) Egg Carton Flowers (2)

Egg Carton Christmas Tree 


An ‘Ugly Duckling’ Transformation: Beautiful egg box roses!

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Eggbox portraits



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