Did you know around 150 people die of heat exposure in America each year? High heat can be especially dangerous in homes with elderly residents or infants, so it’s time to get serious about your HVAC unit. It’s great to spend the holiday in your pool, but having a comfortable home is just as important.

Your HVAC unit works hard during the summer months. If you’re looking for a way to keep your system running smoothly, cut down your bills, and still keep cool through the end of summer, we have some easy HVAC tips to help you out.

Keep it clean

One of the best things you can do to extend the life of your unit and trim your electricity budget is to clean and change your filters regularly. Always start with the manufacturer’s recommendation on how long your filter will last. If you have a home with multiple pets, or an area with lots of pollution, dust, or pollen, you may want to change them more often.

A filter plays a key role in cleaning the air you breathe, as well as preventing dust and debris from shortening the life of your HVAC system. The more clogged a filter is, the harder the system has to work, and the more electricity it will use.

Never block the vents

While there’s nothing wrong with hiding the AC vents for a better visual look, they still need to do their job. Make sure you know where your vents are in the rooms of your home, and ensure that nothing is blocking them, including drapes, curtains, or heavy furniture. When the system can’t pull air the way it’s intended to, it creates strain on the air conditioner and you will get added wear and tear over time. The system will also struggle to maintain your set temperature.

Check the thermostat regularly

We’re not suggesting you start a thermostat war with your family, but a broken thermostat can lead to HVAC problems without you realizing it. If it’s not reading ambient temperature correctly, it won’t switch on or off correctly either. A professional technician should be able to recalibrate it for you if you suspect there’s something wrong.

Overall, it’s worth checking the system’s wiring from time to time. Even the most professional installation can degrade over time, and exposure or heat surges can leave wiring exposed. If you notice any scorch marks, call a professional to fix your AC system immediately, as this is a fire hazard in the making.

Summer maintenance

Other maintenance tasks you can perform include cleaning condenser coils, cleaning air ducts, refilling refrigerant levels. All of these will help keep the system running as cool and smooth as possible, fending off wear and tear as well as full breakdowns. A little bit of preventative summer care can keep your air-con unit running smoothly all year round, catching the small issues before they turn into large ones.