Integrating air conditioning to match a home’s decor can be incredibly challenging. A ductless system is especially trying. Indoor units are traditionally white, meaning there’s rarely any choice for something that is going to have to be a part of an existing, or desired, color scheme.

However, with some ingenious design it’s possible to hide an air conditioner unit inside so it seamlessly fits in with a home’s style and aesthetic. It is possible to pair quality interior design with ductless air conditioning. Here’s how to achieve organisation with a hidden indoor air conditioner unit.

Go for Color from the Start

Yes, most wall mounted air conditioners are white. And over time they fade out to a nasty, dated yellow. But over the last few years more and more innovative colors have appeared on the market. That means you can purchase a unit which matches your color scheme perfectly and never worry about extra work.

Examples include Mitsubishi Electric’s MSZ-LN Series, which include options such as onyx black, pearl white and ruby red. They’re simple alternatives on a sleek, sophisticated unit that looks like something from the future. Mitsubishi’s MSZ-EF range also offers black and white choices.

LG has previously offered interchangeable color panels for their ARTCOOL range, and they may return in the future.

Simple Cost Effective Tips

There are some simple solutions that will take no time to complete. Depending on the location of an internal AC unit, it could be as easy as decorating the surroundings of covering the unit with fabric, or curtains.

For example, if the unit is located above a doorway or window, it’s possible to extend or add a curtain. It’s a fast and easy way to cover the air con while it’s not in use, and nothing looks out of place.

Another cost-effective option is to let it blossom in the open. Have the AC installed somewhere pleasing, like above a bookshelf where it won’t get in the way. Try and avoid having it above a television where your focus remains for much of the day.

Functional Air Conditioner Box Covers

If you are concerned about how an air con unit will detract from your decor, one possible solution is covering it with an indoor box. However, there are some necessary considerations to be aware of before covering anything up.

You don’t want to block the airflow around an indoor or outdoor air conditioning unit. This will impact efficiency and cause long term issues. A covering should not limit your enjoyment of cooled or warmed air, either. The unit should also be easily accessible in case anything breaks, and so repairs can be completed quickly and efficiently.

Hiding an air conditioner unit is not necessarily about saving space. It’s all about providing something aesthetically pleasing and hopefully creative. Think of it as the potential for an additional artistic expression or design element.

Patterned cabinets, shutter boxes or even shelves are a perfect option, while an air conditioner can also be incorporated into existing storage spaces. Allow it to blend in with a semi-concealed shelf, or latticework box.

DIY Paint Job

This is a bit out there, but if completed properly, you can safely paint and hide an air conditioner unit inside.

By removing the front grate and detachable side plates – if the unit is designed that way – you can clean and lightly sand the parts to form a rough surface for bonding. Be sure to select a spray paint which will stick to plastics and not peel off, and then you can safely spray while outdoors! It may take two or three coats to fully coat the AC grate and panels, but you will be left with a brand spanking new color scheme.

However, just remember, never spray paint the whole unit as you could damage it.

What About Ducted HVAC systems?

If you’re bored of the same old plastic return vents they can also be spray painted. Metal grilles are another option for wall mounted heating and cooling systems, too. They can either be custom made or purchased with the central heating and cooling system.

Non-standard grilles and vents are an artistic addition which catches the eye with bold features. Your friends and family will be looking at it for all the right reasons. And honestly, if you can make your air conditioner unit inside look good, then why should you hide it?

Be sure to ask for assistance if you’re ever in doubt, though. The most important thing you can do is protect and maintain the air conditioning in your home, and unplanned work could have a serious impact. You can always count on a local expert, or the team at for more information and advice.