A fireplace warms the interior immediately, but, when lacking it, nice colors and a dozen of pillows work very well instead.  Today, we present you an article that contains 18 examples of how to arrange the items inside in order to obtain large, airy spaces and cozy lounge areas that will make all your friends envy you. But, until that, have a look on our collection and let us know what inspired you most.  Some solutions are really expensive (high tech accessories, luxurious furnishings, grand decorations, original pictures etc), others rely on a friendly mix between reinterpretations of styles, reuses of vintage objects and spots of warm colors. Don’t forget about the lighting: tall lamps or discrete spots in a corner that has to be highlighted change the atmosphere immediately. Also, pay attention to interesting, fun elements for your home – they make your house look like a playground and they are a key to your guests’ hearts.

Some of the photos were spotted on susanjaydesign.com.

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