Paint sprayers are normally used for the painting jobs. Starting from a small painting job like painting a wooden surface or furniture to a large painting task like painting a wall, paint sprayers are used.
The size of the sprayer differs according to the size of the painting task. It seems to be very easy when using a paint sprayer for painting a surface. When comparing to the paint brush or roller, using a sprayer for painting is very advantageous.
In general, the paint sprayers are available in two different sizes such as the large paint sprayer and small paint sprayer. Both forms of paint sprayers are used for different type of painting jobs. Large paint sprayers are used for painting large surfaces.

Small paint sprayers

On the other hand, small paint sprayers are used for small painting needs. Generally, the small paint sprayers are used for home painting needs. Also, beginners those who are new to painting make use of these small paint sprayers.
The paint sprayers that are small in size are just like the larger or normal paint sprayers. Like the ordinary paint sprayers, these types of sprayers are used for painting. The difference lies in its capacity and other internal features.
Also, the small paint sprayers are available than the price minimum than the large sprayers.

For whom these sprayers are useful?

Actually, the small paint sprayers are also known as the starters. As its name implies, the starters or the small sprayers are intended for starters. That is, such types of paint sprayers are constructed for the beginners. Those who have no prior painting experience and new to this field can use a small paint sprayer. These starters paint sprayers are normally low in power and hence suitable for such persons.
For small painting works that needs only a limited performance, and for beginners application these paint sprayers are useful. The best part of small paint sprayers is, even though they are small in their size they can offer a better result to the painting job. The only constraint is the painter has to handle the paint sprayer at the correct height. This is because it won’t give good results if it is handled above its correct height

For what applications it is suitable?

These types of smaller paint sprayers are very best for applications like the glaze, lacquer, primer and for other sorts of smaller projects. For house painting needs and for DIY painting needs using small size painting sprayers is the right choice.
Also, spraying the garden fence, painting a room, its shelves, painting furniture is handy with these sprayers. But, painting a big room or any other large area is quite difficult and challenge one with these paint sprayers. Other than this, using a small paint sprayer is very easy and just like the normal paint sprayers.

What are the issues with small sprayers?

Although the small paint sprayers are useful and handy, it also has certain drawbacks. The smaller size sprayers have only limited capacity. In general, the capacity of the small sprayers is below 2 liters.
Also, the size of the nozzle of these sprayers is also limited in size. Hence, if these small sprayers are used with thicker materials of the painting and for large interior painting, there may be issues. For example, if the small paint sprayer is used for such surface then performance problems arise and also problems with the pattern of the sprayer and its nozzle.
Also, one cannot achieve the good finish in those cases. Thicker painting materials need the size of the nozzle to be larger but with the small sprayers the nozzle size is small and hence it affects the painting spray. If the size of the nozzle is larger, then it does not clog the paint. Therefore, before going to start any painting with a small painting sprayer one has to know what are all the dos and don’ts of a small paint sprayer. This will help the sprayer to achieve good finish and high quality in the painting.

Dos and Don’ts of Small paint sprayers

Let us see the dos and Don’ts of the small paint sprayer.

Choose the right surface
  • Do – The first and foremost aspect related to this choosing the right surface. You first need to know whether the chosen surface is perfect for your paint sprayer or not.
  • Don’t- This is because if you choose a large surface, then you can’t able to paint the surface with your small sprayer. Therefore, you need to choose the surface like a smaller surface for painting.
Material used
  • Do – The next thing you need to consider is what material you are going to use with your small paint sprayer. You need to choose the sprayer that correctly suits your small paint sprayer.
  • Don’t – You don’t use a painting material that does not suit the sprayer. If you are choosing the wrong sprayer then you can’t able to perform your spraying correctly. The best idea for this is to read the instruction guide carefully. The reason is that guide contains the details of what material to be used with the sprayer. Through this you know the right material and use it
Preparation work

You need to concentrate on your preparation work also.

  • Do- Before starting your spraying you must check once whether you made all the arrangements correctly. Also, check whether you fill the container with the right amount of paint or not.
  • Don’t – You don’t start your painting before arranging the needy things. Similarly, if you not do the preparation work correctly then you may face issues while spraying.

Size of the nozzle

The important thing to consider while using small paint sprayers is the size of the nozzle.

  • Do – You need to select a nozzle with the perfect size for the sprayer.
  • Don’t – Don’t use a nozzle that does not suit your sprayer. For example, if you apply a large size nozzle for the sprayer, then the sprayer is overloaded and this will suffer the pattern of the spray and spraying surface. Hence using the right size nozzle is very much important if you use small size sprayer
Paint in the correct way
  • Do – If you are going to paint a chair or table, you have to spray in a correct way. That is, you have to spray it first upside down.
  • Don’t – If you can’t maintain the correct way, you can’t get the perfect finish.
Choosing the right sprayer

Apart from all the above dos and don’ts, choosing the right paint sprayer is the entire thing. The entire quality of your paint depends on the type of paint sprayer you choose. Therefore, you need to choose the right small paint sprayer for your painting task.
The common mistake most of us doing is choosing a sprayer just because it is available for minimum rate. This is big blender. You need to choose a quality sprayer for your painting regardless of its price.
A lot of small paint sprayers are available for minimum rates today. Even many top brand small paint sprayers are available for an affordable rate in the market today.

Top small paint sprayers in the market
  • Graco GX21
    This is a best sprayer of this list which is designed to meet the small painting requirements. This paint sprayer is best suitable for daily painting needs and can be used for both interior and exterior painting obs. The best part of this sprayer is it is easy to carry and flexible
  • Graco GX FF
    The next sprayer in this list is this Graco GX FF airless electrical paint sprayer. This is one of the best affordable and portable solutions for painting needs. Those who want to get a fine finish on his or her spray then this sprayer is the right choice
  • Wagner paint sprayer
    This is a popular airless paint sprayer which is very effective for the painting both commercial and residential. The reason for its popularity is because of its capability particularly for large areas. It was greatly advertised for its capability to handle large areas quickly and often saves a lot of time. It gives a fine finish spray on the surface
  • Wagner project series
    This is a good paint sprayer which is well known for its quality and its excellent performance it offers. It is particularly ideal for medium as well as large project and is applied as latex or sprays oil based products on shed, garages, fences and even the entire house.

Apart from these sprayers, there are also a lot of such paint sprayers are available in the market. You can choose the one that suits for your painting job. You only need to consider what you are going to paint and what material you are going to use. Then you will get the right paint sprayer.
You can even go for paint sprayer reviews in the online. This will be great option for choosing the right sprayer for your purpose. Thus, keep all these things in mind while using a paint sprayer particularly when it is small.