What are pastel colors? They compose the family of colors which have high value and low to intermediate saturation. But we are not interested in ‘scientific’ definitions. Non-specialists call them soft, soothing, milky and know that they lack strong chromatic content. Baby blue, pink and mauve are some of the most frequently used pastels. Have you ever thought of decorating your home with them? Not amongst the common picks, pastels impose a bold atmosphere. They can be sweet and romantic, but also children of the contemporary avant-garde. I’ve analyzed the collection below carefully, but I am not sure whether to recommend this palette to homey mums or to daring spirits. What do you say?

The 2017 Color Trends In Interior Design

 The 2017 Color Trends in interior design have been released. Pantone, the leader in the color market, released their top color trends with new shades inspired by nature. The Pantone fashion color report from the hues seen on the runway is not only for fashionistas so here’s how these colors could look in your interiors.

Pink, mauve and grey in your bedroom

I love this romantic bedroom featuring soft textiles and feminine tones of white and pink. If you want to pamper your senses, pick wool, cotton, cashmere or mohair for blankets, bed clothes and covers. As fashion designers say, style resides in accessories. Insert original items and you will enjoy a lovely décor. A stool covered in bulky wool, a vase with dry cane and a wavy pendant of white cotton mix in this contemporary room. For a wild touch, let paintings on the floor and several magazines here and there.

Pastel colors in your kitchen

Do you miss cooking tasty muffins during lazy Saturdays? These are moments of joy with children playing with candies and raining flour everywhere. This is exactly the atmosphere the soft-hued kitchen above suggests me. Choose all-white furniture everywhere, shining metro tiles near the working countertop and open shelves to exhibit the dinner services.

Relax…work can be very soft!

I’ve never imagined a working area painted in soft colors. This place features a light desk made of natural wood that pairs beautifully with a fondant like chair. Again, a feeling of laissez-faire with drawings and pictures on the floor, near the desk. To introduce a sense of stability – as in industrial places, for example -, use light grey.

A statement wall

I know, you have to be very bold to paint an entire wall in pink. As curious as it may seem, it looks fresh, stylish and even dreamy. However, to obtain a smooth relaxing effect, you have to organize the rest of the room as minimal as possible. A simple sofa, one armchair and a plastic coffee table are enough. Let light come inside all day long!

A romantic bedroom

When I first saw this picture, I imagined a sweet escape in a meadow in bloom. These two green beds feel wonderful on the fluffy carpet and integrate smoothly in the décor. When two kids share a room, it’s wise to divide the space accordingly and to rely on symmetry. This way, none will feel disadvantaged and space is shared equally.

Classic kitchen with retro influences

Again, I feel like diving into a box with fondants! This splendid white kitchen features white cabinets, a strap of metro tiles a three original elements that add personality to the space. I am referring to those catchy apparatuses: fridge, cooker and washing machine.