Wall quotes are the little treasures of a home. Funny, challenging or simply pleasant in a discreet way, they will bring a smile on your face every morning. Write a famous line in your kitchen to animate the chef or compose something artistic for the living room to entertain your guests. As a result, you will make your house enjoyable, inspiring and lovely. They are available in various layouts, fonts and materials (board, steel, wood or concrete). Explore the ultimate list of 35 inspiring wall quotes to live by.

You should print some of them on your walls! They are good pieces of decorating ideas!

If you’re looking for office wall quotes, here are some of the best ones !

In children’s room

We all know, children’s rooms are chaotic, messy, overcrowded with toys and books. We teach them to be tidy, but we can also show them that creativity is the best ingredient in life. Since words have a underestimated powers, this is a very inspiring way to address the “chaos”!

Inspiring lines for working areas

Enjoy, reflect, analyse, debate – these verbs usually define our working spaces. Do not let work suck all your energy! What do you say about wall quotes reminding what happiness is?! You can fix them right in front your desk and they are valuable presents for your friends too.

For internet addicts

Good quotes are powerful words of wisdom that inspire, educate and even motivate a person to take action. They usually share common themes such as: positive thinking leads to positive outcomes, failure is a stepping stone to success, help yourself by helping others.


Things should be done with passion, commitment, love. In conclusion, remember these inputs from time to time.

Indeed, some people are so poor, all they have is money. Strive for what you want, but do not make money the most important thing in your life. Due to their universal applicability, brainy quotes fit in almost every interior.

Be nice to people and remember that the quality of your relationships can make every day better and better.

Yes, artists deserve money for their work of beautifying our interiors. Then, write this statement in public spaces, museums, art galleries.

As simple as that … relax a little and enjoy the lovely ride!

A declaration for breakfast time! You can write a short note for your partner or frame a print with this message on the wall! Furthermore, share the message with your Facebook friends!





Ornate your living room with sayings, or help set the tone of your home with religious excerpts and poems. Wall quotes are an elegant and inviting way to decorate – anywhere you want to make a statement with your design!


:-) I totally agree with it!



For daydreamers chaotic friends, this is a line to remember! Most of all, it leads them to action. :-)

Wall quotes

Inspiring and funny, wall quotes add personality to a space, make the guests grasp a fragment of your temperament and enliven your spirit! Most probably nobody can ignore the signals you show through written statement. Go for them and try black and white as well as coloured letters!

Finally, the line to remember every morning closes our gallery of wall quotes. Also, the one with working for inner rewards and not for money  is to be written in the hallway, before leaving the house.