Office wall quotes are those funny ingredients every working space is looking for. Strange as it may seem, these little, almost negligible elements can transform a common desk into a catchy one. I know what managers usually say when employees ask for a change. Why to invest in interior design? The answer is very simple. Because the space influences our personality and if you do not make it look marvellous, you will soon become demotivated. Moreover, this is not a huge investment. Written on wooden boards, plastic planks or simple paper, work quotes are inspiring, lively and able to empower the readers. Make it matter!, Keep calm and focus on your goals!, Have hope!, Be strong!  Think big! – this is only a selection of the inspiring expressions we’ve gathered below. Explore them and send us a photo with your working space!


Make it matter

Not only that less is more, but it is even more productive. This pure conference room features an all-white interior and helps people gathered around the desk have their minds cleared. Th lighting spots in the ceiling are fixed symmetrically, thus reflecting a feeling of stability and tranquility. The stuffed deer head is not amongst my favourite decorations, but, I have to admit, it transmits power and a vision towards the future. In this minimalist decor, the Make it matter message staying alone on an entire wall, becomes the focal point.

Keep calm and focus on your goals

When deadline is near, keep calm and focus. Written on a red board, the message will immediately become visible and hopefully, inspire your colleagues. I live the royal theme borrowed from the famous KEEP CALM series because it gives an imposing, grandiose atmosphere. If I were to play with work quotes, I would also add my company logo on it or the colleagues’ names who need to calm down a little. Make a list with office wall quotes and organise a brainstorming with your colleagues to pick the best items!

Make it big. Make it happen.

A long list containing the leitmotiv word make. Indeed, this is key at the office. You have to make things happen. You have to transform an idea or a goal in reality. Writing your targets on a plain board in the hallway or in a waiting room could be very productive. People who spend a moment alone have the opportunity to meditate at what it is important/relevant in their tasks. Make sure the overall decor is clear so that the lines reach the audience.

Smile often, dream big

You work, but you have to enjoy what you are doing as well. Smile often, dream big – these are not mere words. Just imagine how your mood changes when you hear this message. Yes, you have to dream big and to remember that a smile can transform every day into a beautiful one. What more? Remember you are loved and never give up!

What does a team mean for you?

Together everyone achieves more. This is a TEAM. One of my favourite office wall quotes, the line reminds us what is important when you have to complete a project. Ask for advice, share what you’ve achieved so far, help a beginner or diminish you ego to learn from a superior – in the end, you will build a strong, competitive team.

It is a great idea to make office wall quotes as wall stickers to decorate the room. Especially for teamwork, putting custom stickers on office walls not only creates a warm working environment, but also motivates employees to work hard and showcases the company’s corporate culture.

Life is like a camera

You did not know that? Focus. Capture. Develop. And if things do not work out, take another shot. I’ve already prepared what is necessary to write these amazing lines on the wall, in front of my desk. As previously explained, it is better to have a minimalist background around. This makes the message more visible.

Full hearts can’t lose

It’s my everyday motto. Some would say you have to pay attention especially to your heart – meaning, not to open it to everyone -, but my feeling is that you have to be bold. Be generous and ignore the rumours around. You can not consider a failure the fact that somebody did not treat you well. If you are looking for inspiring work quotes, this should be on the list too.

Change the plan, but never the goal!

Steve Job is right. Mistakes are part of our daily routine. Admit what it did not go well and get on with improving. As a result, you will use your energy in a good productive way. Moreover, next time you will immediately detect the flaws and continue improving your work.

In conclusion, stay humble.

Do you still have doubts?

Work for a cause, not for applause. Don’t strive to make your presence noticed, but your absence felt. In conclusion, stick to what’s important in life.

In search for funny work quotes? This line is simply amazing. As you can see, it works well in a conference room but also in your dining area. Therefore, try at home too!

Funny work quotes

A shining bulb on the wall in a waiting room/ coffee corner. This is catchy and very attractive.

Looking for funny work quotes? Stick this message near a candy box or in the leisure room! Also, write the message in the kitchen.