I love the industrial look Levy:Chamizer Architects studio realized for  Giraffe Restaurant from Tel Aviv, Israel. As you can see from the photos below, the architects opted for a heavy, imposing bar made of concrete. When you first enter the restaurant, you notice a lot of elements that compose an industrial decor: a heavy bar made of concrete, simple, wooden chairs that might have been borrowed from a factory, red pipes left uncovered follow an invisible drawing on the ceiling, metal lamps etc. There’s a hardworking, proletarian quality about industrial style that resonates, and because it celebrates humble materials, it can be as affordable as you need it to be. Pared back to the essentials, it showcases the beautiful interplay between pure form and function. It’s unassuming, comfortable in its own skin and all the more chic for it. It may seem cold and industrial, but it can look warm or sleek depending on your tastes!

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  Leaving some of the elements exposed to show the natural material could have a fantastic effect. For example exposed walls, stairs or counters.

 For the bar and counters, the customer wanted something smooth and durable, but comfortable.

 I appreciate its lack of pretension and the visual appeal that lies within utilitarian surfaces, stripped-back architecture and salvaged objects.

 As you can notice from the pictures, a lot of red pipes were left uncovered.

  Concrete is a material that excels in compression, so the addition of steel, which is good in tension, results in monolithic walls or floors with the best of both structural worlds. It also results in a distinctive appearance that is industrial yet very tactile and very diverse in application.

 Very simple: a bar made of concrete and a wooden bench positioned parallel to it. 

 A large scale drawing on the wall. You can add a bit of style with paintings, posters and drawings.