Industrial design has become very popular recently, especially for old buildings that were turned into living spaces. All you need is to create an illusion of rough surfaces and materials that suggest industrial past. The most simple way to show some roughness is to leave some walls or surfaces unfinished. You can see several suggestions in our gallery where we collected photos of a 3D project realized by Russian designer Maxim Zhukov. A distinctly industrial style runs throughout the living and kitchen areas, with exposed wiring and ducting above a large extractor fan looming over a modern kitchen island, and the familiar black and yellow sign strips that are usually seen on building sites. A more dressed dramatic look blankets the bathroom, with dark tiling over walls and floor, brightened only by the punctuation of white sanitary ware.

The designer chose a simple, elegant black and white mix for the bathroom. 

Industrial style is about raw and rough surfaces, unfinished look and everything related to industry, fabrics and such. The bedroom sees a mini mezzanine level, to make use of the lofty ceiling height, which is utilized as a small study area. The separation of work zone from the bedroom area creates a more relaxing sleep space once the busy day is done.

Industrial design: the familiar black and yellow sign strips that are usually seen on building sites were borrowed for this interior.

Not only unpainted walls make the industrial style look. Accessories and furniture need to be in one theme with the decor otherwise the whole picture may end up like a mess rather industrial style interior design.

Notice the dimensions of the rooms on this house. It’s natural for the owners to want something striking and to think of industrial-like details. The high ceiling and the grandeur of the rooms also facilitate this choice.