Having a Massage Chair in your own home is the dream of every one of us. I’m sure of it! With the pandemic and all the restrictions going to salons has become very difficult. People are more and more reluctant to go out to restaurants, not to mention enclosed spaces like hair salons or massage parlours.
We used to see a lot of massage chairs in shopping malls that you paid 5 or 10 minutes for. Now they’re completely gone. It’s a business that doesn’t work anymore.
At one time they were banned, then they were simply withdrawn for reasons of hygiene and unsafety.

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Small, enclosed spaces started to be more and more avoided for obvious reasons, and then opportunities started to appear that until now you didn’t even think were reliable: investing in your own massage chair, in your own home, in your own space.
The advantage is that no one else uses it.
Some chairs are super cushy, you feel like you’re relaxing in a professional massage.

Massage chairs full body and recliner

There are many types of massage chairs, which is why you need to research something before you buy it, but certainly the price reflects the quality and options it has.

Full body massage in zero gravity mode. We highly recommend you to use the zero gravity function, you can lie down quickly and comfortably to save your waist and back. Use your mobile phone to connect to the Bluetooth. and you can enjoy a massage while listening to music.


The Ultimate Massage Chair: iBooMas 2022 Massage Chair

-After a long time of work, study or exercise,our muscles are often sore and we usually feel fatigued.So we created“iBooMas” which stands for innovative and beneficial massager

-We have been deeply involved in the massager industry for 20 years and has rich experience in R&D, production,service and other fields

-Our lifetime goal is to help as many people as we can.We are eager to provide every user with high-quality, reasonably priced massager

Wow! Shiatsu massage chairs with 3D intelligent massage hands,it consists of massage rollers,mechanical arm,control center

Zero Gravity Massage Chair』Zero button to select 3 stage zero gravity,the heart is slightly below the level of the knees,the pressure of the body’s center of gravity and the spine falls on the hips,making the body more relaxed

Body Scan: After massaging chair is turned on,it will auto scan the user’s height,shoulder width and body shape in about 40 seconds

Space Save: In zero gravity,massage chair with recliner sits only 1.97″ from the wall, suitable for places like living room,bedroom,study or office
Heating Therapy: Best massage chiar features 113°F heating technology and are a great addition to massage.Helps promote blood circulation

Full Body Massage: Shoulder,arm,calf,foot,ankle airbag alternately rubbing massage,Guasa,shiatsu,knocking,chapping,kneading,tapping 3D massage hand from neck to legs along the SL track to human body curve,three rows of rollers on the foot and back heating