Forget about dead animals. For today we gather 10 wall trophies for animal lovers. All ideas will decorate your walls without freaking out your animal lover friends. Enjoy!


Moose Wall Decor

This wall sculpture is sure to make your friends and family stop and stare; not everyone has an animal-friendly faux taxidermied deer in their home. These chic wall hangings are meticulously crafted to exceed high quality standards. So, stand out and have a fun conversation starter in your home with a White Faux Taxidermy brand faux stag deer mount.

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The decorative trophy is now a lamp

Inspired by the above-mentioned hunting trophy and decorative element, the Marnin wall lamp is designed by Matteo Ugolini for the Italian manufacturer Karman. Marnin lamp reconnects us to our childhood on two different levels: first as it’s an icon that recalls our past; second, as this icon has a new protagonist, and this is clearly a children toy. The decorative trophy is now a lamp and doesn’t fit in mountain traditional cottages but also in your new modern apartment in the city.

Marnin_by_Karman_3 Marnin_by_Karman_6

Elkebana is the first trophy for plant lovers. You just need flowers and imagination.”- Fabio Milito, the designer, writes on his website. Turn plants into vegan wall mounts with this cool design, created by a team of Italian designers and inspired by the Japanese flower arrangement “ikebana.”

Ikebana, also referred to as “living flowers”, is an ancient Japanese art of harmonious flower arrangement. Like the popular practice of bonsai, “ikebana” has its traditional rules and spiritual aspects. By now, different styles have evolved from the first traditional arrangement, and the practice has become more flexible. You can create any combination, using your favorite plants or flowers!

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MEDIUM Unique decoration Stag Head Taxidermy Deer ‘Rainbow’

Rainbow would be at home in any discerning living room, study, hallway or dining room, or even your bedroom, he is a beautiful wall decoration with a difference! Made out of resin and hand finished in rainbow colours all over, this Stag is truly a statement piece.

11-DR (1) 11-DR (2)

Plywood Trophy Deer Stag Head Natural Wood Wall Decor Small by NA

Very fashionable and on trend, this stag head is perfect for adding glamour to your home, Great for adding a touch of nature to your home, Each head can be hand decorated to ensure it is one of a kind and unique and matches the decor it is placed into, The head comes flat packed and simply slots together, Dimensions: Height 34cm x Width 24cm x Depth 18cm

trophee-bouleau-moose4 Moose trophy-dr (2)

Safari Life Wood Safari Trophy Animal Head – Moose

The hunt is over! Modern art meets old-fashioned maps to create this clever, intelligent twist on a time-honored theme. Handcrafted of map paper on plywood, it’s simple to assemble and makes most walls more interesting. [order here: Plywood Trophy ]

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Cardboard animal heads

Bucky the cardboard deer head is the perfect companion for home or office; a beautiful modern design that makes a great gift. Designed by Luis Rodrigalvarez Made in Charlottesville Virginia by the Cardboard Safari Crew. No animals or humans were harmed in the making of this product. Look for the Rhino! Flammable, keep away from open flames and hot lights. Edges are sharp, handle with care. [ order here: Cardboard animal Heads]

3- cardboard animal heads

Moose Head Trophy Wall Sign- 295.00€

Moose Head Trophy is part of the Animal Respectful Trophy collection signed by Tes-Ted for Hu2 Design. This wall art sign is made from a wooden board on which is applied a natural wax coating. It is made in a small town in Jura region, France.


Moose trophy- 210,00 €

The Roedeer, Deer and Moose trophies designed by Big-Game confront heritage and contemporary lifestyle. While heritage places the object in the continuum of time, the current consensus regarding speed goes against ny kind of continuity. How can we to confront our mobility and so-called « zapping culture » with cultural references passed down to us? What can we do with heads of animals we didn’t hunt?

1- Moose trophy-dr


Wall Mount Art

Decorative wacky 3D trophy wall hanging to add character and charm to any wall you choose. All wall mounted animal heads are handmade by myself using various materials, and as with all handmade goods, slight variations can occur, no one product is exactly the same, but is always to the highest of standards.

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