Ordering a design project, the client reasonably feels fear: it is necessary to pay now, but the result he will receive in a few months, and not the fact that it will be positive.
In social networks, people have the opportunity to see pages with beautiful photo projects, get to know the author of the work, and only after personal communication, entrust their apartment to the chosen designer. Today, Instagram is the best social network where a designer or design studio can show their work, talk about themselves, and get feedback from the audience in a convenient format. In this article, we’ll look at how to turn Instagram into a profitable sales channel and get a lot of opportunities for your business.

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How to create a strong online positioning?

To work effectively, the designer must know exactly the portrait of the target audience, its pains, problems, tasks, and desires. The potential client always looks for a solution to his problem. Therefore, in the profile, he should see a professional who can provide such a solution.
On a designer’s page, the user needs to see beautiful interiors, so it’s important to pay attention to the quality of the content. If a designer posts aesthetically and competently on social networks, he gets more orders and more loyal clients.
Publish user-generated content: reviews or recommendations, photos, comments, reviews. Internet users trust advertising less and less, so people listen to people like them. This format builds social proof and strengthens the main sales lever, trust. In social networks, this trigger can be strengthened with high statistics, so most entrepreneurs regularly buy real Instagram followers and other popularity metrics.
Another important thing that will help to win over the audience and attract attention is to reveal the designer’s personality. Collaborating with a designer is a time-consuming process, so it’s important that the customer feels comfortable with you. Talk about yourself in your profile, so that the customer will feel that cooperation with you will be pleasant and productive.

How to attract the target audience?

To competently promote on Instagram, it is important to understand exactly how it works, and on what algorithms your publications are ranked. Instagram evaluates how much more useful and interesting your post is than others by analyzing user involvement immediately after publication. In the early stages of promotion, it is effective to buy Instagram followers, likes, comments, etc. This will start the natural scaling process of the profile.
It is recommended to invest additional funds in targeted advertising, advertising with bloggers, mutual PR, and contests to attract a new audience and maximize coverage of the existing one. It is important to remember that many designers who are popular on Instagram have achieved fame through active work offline and a whole set of PR activities online.

To sum up, for high sales, designers need to invest in the development of their personal brand on social networks, show work from different angles, show design trends, tell interesting stories about their work, new projects, and events. At a distance, these investments will pay off with huge financial opportunities.