Home decor trends for 2022 have changed considerably compared to 2021 trends. Maximalism is replacing minimalism while more bold colors are taking precedence over the usual neutral color landscapes. Here are 4 home decor trends that are absolutely viral in 2022.

1. TV Stands for Beautiful Storage

As more flat-screen televisions become mounted on walls in homes, the new trend is a rectangular tv stand that acts as storage space rather than television support. Update your living room with a tv stand that holds your television supplies while displaying potted plants and family photos on the open, exposed shelves.

The high-tech advancements of wall-mounted televisions are matched with the same high-tech, on-trend look of having a metal or glass geometric-shaped television stand adorned with chrome details. Art deco television stands enhanced with golden details can add a breath of fresh air to your living space.

2. Bold Dining Room Decor

According to Homes & Gardens, bold dining room tables are another viral 2022 trend. Wood-stained tables and bold-colored options are at the top of the trend.

Try a new vidaXL dining table to turn your dining room into the upscale restaurant of your dreams. The Reclaimed Teak and Steel, Solid Rough Mango Wood, and the Solid Acacia Wood Table all have the wood-stained appeal that is currently on-trend. They can add a bold warmth and elegance to your dining area.

Go for unexpected colors for your dining table and chairs as another way to go with the bold dining room decor trend. While we primarily offer neutral-colored tables, you can customize your laminate or wooden dining table with oil-based enamel paint to match your desired color. Bold colors to try out are bright yellows, oranges, and blues.

3. Maximalism Is the New Minimalism

Speaking of bold colors, maximalism has replaced the minimalism trend for 2022. Usual interior design trends support having neutral-colored pieces such as gray couches, brown tables, and black coffee tables. The maximalism trend is touting velvet furniture and decorating the living space with antique decorations.

Think of bright green or blue walls decorated with a gold-colored couch and throw pillows that feature Andy Warhol art on them. Pairing different colors and patterns together will show more of who you are as a creative person to your guests.

Show more of what you love in your living space is on-trend as well. Whether you want to display your vast book collection on bookshelves or prefer to show off your love of antique paintings all over your living room wall, do so!

4. All-Natural Atmosphere With Potted Plants

Green potted plants such as succulents or the peace lily are providing a natural atmosphere when paired with natural wood pieces. Soft textures such as a smooth leather couch also support the potted plant decorations.

Combining potted plants, wood pieces, and soft-textured furniture create a contemporary environment. The elegance of the soft-texture furniture, clean lines from wooden pieces, and simplicity of the potted green plants initiate a spacious environment.


2022 is the season of bold colors, maximalism, and higher-tech television stands with a touch of all-natural potted plants. Decorate your space how you love no matter if it’s on-trend or your style.