Finding study motivation is a little difficult. The truth is that it is easy to scroll through social media feeds or watch a movie. Maybe you even want to spend more time with your pet, family, or friends.
As the exams approach, you may find yourself in a state of panic and unable to wake up to study. Rather than procrastinating, you need to find practical ways to get motivated to study. Here are some tips to get started.

Establish the reasons for procrastinating

Procrastinating on your studies can pose serious problems regarding your grades. There are many causes of procrastination. Sometimes you may feel that the homework or essay is too complex to handle. If that happens, you may find essay writing service provider for professional help.
Maybe you procrastinate as a way of rebelling against your professors or parents. Another reason for procrastination is when you wait for an “ideal” time to study or complete assignments. The topic at hand may also be boring or the tasks too overwhelming. Understanding the reasons for procrastination is the basis of designing measures to avoid it and find motivation.

Define the reasons for getting good grades

Every student desires to get good grades in their examinations and homework. A great way to find motivation is by defining why you want good grades. Write down the reasons you want to excel academically.
Maybe you want to develop yourself or get into a good program or school. You may want to live without regrets or get a meaningful career. Whatever the reasons, create a list and place it on your study desk. Every time you feel unmotivated, read the list aloud.

Create and follow a study routine

It is very easy to fall into traps of poor study habits. However, by creating and sticking to a study routine, you can develop good study habits. If you lack study motivation or keep on procrastinating, adopt the principle of a study routine.
Habits are powerful, so by creating a study routine, you will always find study motivation. To create a study routine, come up with a study schedule. You cannot form study habits overnight. Be patient and put more effort before the routine technique pays off.
When studying for exams and you have a pile of essays, find an essay writer to help you. Avoid compromising the study routine because of assignments.

Focus on mental health

To find study motivation, train your brain. Since the brain is like a muscle, you need to develop an ability to focus. Be consistent and make gradual progress in your studies. Even when you are not writing assignments or studying, continue exercising your brain continually.
Some of the ways to improve your mental health include journaling, doing puzzles, and reading. Come up with a variety of ways to train your brain. Your brain will become more flexible and stronger. Alternatively, you could also research some websites with brain training exercises.
An important element of training your brain is rest and recovery. Get between 7 and 8 hours of sleep every night. You could also train your brain through proper nutrition. Your brain will function properly if it gets certain fatty acids. You can get these nutrients from foods such as beans, berries, dark chocolate, and pumpkin seeds.

Participate in group study

Group study is one of the easiest ways to find motivation. It is important to identify the right students who are looking to get good grades and learn well. Join a study group with a maximum of four students. Smaller groups are less distracting.
Studying in a group is fun and can give you a sense of accountability. It will also be easier to make commitments regarding bad habits to break and good habits to develop. For instance, you can find dissertation assistance and continue with your group study as per your routine.
You don’t want to skip group study sessions to do your homework. Balance your studies and writing assignments.

Adopt Pomodoro technique

Pomodoro technique is all about studying in brief stretches. To apply this technique, decide on a task to undertake at any one time and set a timer for, say, 25 minutes. Focus on that task until the timer rings.
Take a piece of paper and put a checkmark. If you have less than four checkmarks, take a break of not more than 5 minutes before beginning the process again. Take a 30 minutes break at the end of four Pomodoros.

Manage time effectively

Organizing your time well is a simple way to find the motivation to study. Create a study schedule by making a list of tasks you want to accomplish in readiness for exams. You can also create a study schedule by downloading a template to block your study time.
Always choose study times carefully and ensure that the schedule is easy to remember. Create a regular plan and list all the important tasks you want to complete every day. At the close of every week, review the study schedule to find if you are making study progress. If not, adjust the schedule by defining the appropriate study times.


The key to finding study motivation is to find out why you procrastinate and create a plan to overcome it. Follow the above study tips smart, and you will become successful in your academics. Be consistent and patient because it may take a little longer to see the results.