We all want our homes to be stylish and beautifully decorated but we also need to have them functional. You might have designed your home your way and it might look beautiful also but if it gets messy with the slightest of motion around, it means you need to redo it. For example, decorating a house without furniture is almost impossible but having too much of it will not let you have enough space to be functional and that will lead to mental distress.

Making small changes in your home décor can bring a big impact on the overall look and functionality of your home. Here is a list of some quick, effective, and pocket-friendly changes that you can make in your home decor to bring in a lot of activity and life into it.

Clutter-free Home Adds Grace and Function

The first tip to make your home functional is to keep it as much clutter-free as possible. Decluttering your home is absolutely necessary and is the key to make your home more functional. Declutter your wardrobes, drawers, and kitchen cabinets often to keep them tidy and functional.

Defined Spaces

Though in modern times people prefer open living spaces, having a defined area for a particular use is very important. Keep your living area and dining area separate. You can use furniture, rugs, or even plants to separate combined dining and living areas. Use those areas for their specified functions and don’t just separate them for décor. The best rated state to state movers movers, who have experience of working with residential customers, explain that homeowners are more concerned about the definition of their living spaces. This is why decorating different rooms in a distinct manner is important.

Good Flow

Make sure there is a smooth flow and you are not bumping into your furniture while walking around. It is advised to draw your furniture arrangement plan on paper and understand how everything should be positioned beautifully while saving a lot of free space. You can even sketch out your plan and add briefings about other decorations. This visual aid will enable you to decide better and easier. You should try to make your vertical space more functional. If you live in a small area, having a retractable door is the best way to save space. They don’t beautify your space but are also comfortable and easy to operate; even small children can use them easily and effortlessly.

Elevated storage like bookshelves and hutches will add space by providing you extra floor and surface area. It is important to have enough surface area for better day-to-day functionality. Also, consider adding coffee tables and/or side tables with storage to your living area. These tables can be placed in the corners of the sofa and can be used to store magazines, books, newspapers, and wine glasses.

Make sure you keep your bedroom clean all the time and to do so do not place many art pieces in the room. A single wall hanging at the back wall of the bed can save the look. Place enough armoires, closets, and storage benches at home to place things and keep a good flow in the house. Pull-out couches and bunk beds are good options for a small home as they provide the facility with space.

Your kids’ room should be spacious and the furniture should be designed in a way that should be safe and enable your kids to play in their every mood.


Lighting plays an important role in the mood of your home. A properly lit house can enhance your mood while low lighting can take you into unreasonable distress. Find some good wall lamps, table lamps, or floor lamps that can add light to your beautifully decorated house. Pendants and chandeliers can add up grace and versatility to a well-organized and decorated room. Good lighting provides comfort with elegance.


The kitchen is the place which should be functional as we perform many tasks therefrom chopping to cooking. Make sure there is ample space in your kitchen to move around as you may have to do multi-tasking sometimes and lack of space can lead to injury. Consider placing hutches and shelves vertically high to add extra floor space and storage space to your kitchen.

Decorate your kitchen with beautiful but usable things but don’t go overboard. Make the most use of your kitchen cabinets to place things in an orderly manner. Save your dishes on china shelves and buffets. You can also use kitchen carts to serve food as they look elegant and save space.

Laundry Room Storage

You can also add some fashionable storage pieces to your laundry area to store your clothes, accessories, and shoes. You can even add a board to the wall to hang some accessories and jewellery.

Outdoor Spaces

Try to keep minimum stuff in your outside sitting area but you can place some healthy and flowering plants and a pair of chairs to create a beautiful sitting area.