Designing a terrace in a country house is an extremely responsible matter. After all, you want to make it comfortable, practical, and stylish. It would be even better if you can minimize your expenses and create something original and cozy without paying a bomb. If this is what you are aimed at, we are ready to share some practical recommendations with you. Follow the below tips and make a terrace of your dream.

Step #1 – Choose a Specific Style

You will hardly be able to make any design decision without deciding on a specific style for your terrace. Furniture, plants, flooring, and roofing – even the slightest detail is based on the style you pick. The region, average temperature, rainfall, and other weather conditions are of great importance for the stylistic component. Usually, all this is determined by the designer working on the project based on the specific wishes of the customer. However, you can also create a project yourself if you have virtual staging software from the spotless agency.

Here are some of the interior designs that work best for terraces:

  • Wooden village – It is one of the most common solutions, which is quite obvious. For construction outside the city, the atmosphere of a small-town building and originality is just perfect. With the wooden village solution, you have two options. You can choose rough and untreated wood with obvious traces of hand-carving, or you can give preference to elegant surface treatment, clear geometry, multi-layer lacquer coatings. In general, this trend uses exclusively wood and natural stone;
  • Modern – This style is distinguished by a combination of high-tech and urban elements. As a rule, modern designs are applicable for spacious terraces; otherwise, the space of the premises looks cut significantly. Modern designs do not imply the use of excessive furniture; it is more about minimalism, functionality, and strict lines. When it comes to the color palette, designers use cold and restrained colors, for example, the contrast of white and black can be used;
  • Antiquity – Interiors in this style are demanding when it comes to space and budget. A lot of precious and expensive material, such as marble, natural stone, and ceramics, is used. For example, the floor should be necessarily made of stone or marble, so you need a solid foundation. You will not go far with your antiquity designs if you have a limited budget;
  • Minimalism – The design is characterized by a minimum of furnishings and decor. Only the essentials are a part of the interior solution. In most cases, large panoramic windows are chosen for minimalistic premises, and the main emphasis is made on natural light.

It is sometimes difficult to understand what interior design solution will work best for your terrace or your country house. If this is where you are stuck, look for different references and use staging software to see how your terrace will look like in the final if you decide to go with a particular design solution.

#2 – Decide on Materials for Decorating a Terrace

The basic design and the chosen style will guide you in the selection of material for your terrace. If the cottage is wooden, then it would be ridiculous to use a brick for the terrace and vice versa. Although, a glazed conservatory may look appropriate regardless of the base material. But still, a lot can be used for this purpose – blocks, bricks, wood, stone, modern ready-made modules, and panels. However, it is wood that remains the most popular material when it comes to terrace decoration. After all, most of the work can be done by hand. The material is unpretentious, stylistically adapts to almost any design, is environmentally friendly and safe.

#3 – Plan the Lighting System

Light sources will be needed when using the terrace at night. In winter, it gets dark very early, and there is not enough natural light. A lightning spot will be the main source of the most suitable ideas. You can arrange a lot of centers of light; it all depends on your preferences and ideas about a comfortable level of light. Additional lighting can be varied. Standing floor lamps located in the corners are perfect. You can use LED strings around the perimeter of the terrace or create a festive/ romantic atmosphere with candles.

#4 – Think of Design Elements

Your main goal is to make sure that all design elements complement and do not contradict each other. Thus, if your terrace reflects a minimalistic design, you should go for decoration items of different geometric forms and restrained colors. If you are a fan of antiquity, then you should give preference to marble and natural stone.