A marble kitchen? Why not! When I think of marble, I usually imagine a classic living room with a sophisticated fireplace and baroque inspired decorations nearby. The precious material should be used for flooring or inserted with delicacy in ornaments. Thus, considering the material for furnishing the kitchen is at least surprising. Installing a marble countertop or table in the dining area would be amongst my last options. But, as you can easily notice form our beautiful collection, it is worth the effort and the money. The material can be integrated in a very stylish contemporary way in both residences and penthouses. Extremely graceful, the marble will impose a refined spirit and transform the kitchen into a hot attraction. Which are the benefits of an marmoreal look? Well, firstly, in terms of colors and light. The room feels clear, neat and very calm due to a solid mix of grey, white and spots of black. Moreover, the marble reflects the light so the space will look more generous. Secondly, regarding the aesthetic, you will enjoy a chic décor – one that combines smartly a classic material with contemporary layouts.

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Marble kitchen flooring

The most important benefit of a marble flooring is its incredible polish. You can buff it until it glistens in the light and it becomes extremely smooth. The lighter colors of marble will actually glow, allowing the light to penetrate slowly. However, you should also keep en eye on the disadvantages. They are very slippery. Moreover, they tend to take and show the little damages that appear in time very fast. If you opt for darker colors, you should pay attention to its scratches. These mars will be more visible in darker solid colored marble materials.

Marble kitchen worktops

Is a marble worktop practical in the kitchen? What about staining and etching? People who already used for several years say it is wonderful. Marble is elegant, cool and vivid. It is a pleasure to work on marble and you do not encounter difficulties while cleaning it. One of the cheapest options of marble is Carrara, available in heavily gray-veined models. However, the white between the veins is white and it reflects light beautifully. If interested in stone countertops for your kitchen, keep in mind that marble might be the cheapest in your area.

Marble kitchen countertops

Elegant and clean, this countertop fits well in a classic kitchen.

Marble floor kitchen

French kitchen table marble

Marble kitchen tops