A breakfast nook is an ideal place to start your day. Tiny and intimate, it offers a cozy environment for a hot coffee and a tasty croissant in the morning. Versatile and functional, it adapts to various layouts and sizes, adding a spark of flair to your kitchen. What is a breakfast nook? It is a place for light meals – usually near the kitchen – , featuring a built-in table with seats. Due to its modest use of materials, you can simply try to do it yourself at home. Make a bench from an old pallet box and a stylish table from a strong piece of wood. Add pots with succulents by the windows and install an attractive translucent pendant above the table — you will have a spectacular place to dine at home. Explore our selection of breakfast nook ideas for small kitchen!

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Breakfast Nook Table Set

This rustic, austere decor feels wonderful in a white background. I love the rural look and the relaxed atmosphere it creates. Add a wallpaper with letters and inspiring messages nearby and you will have a contemporary room. You can also extend the table when may friends gather at your morning coffee!

Window Treatments for Breakfast Nook

If space permits, install the table near the windows. Thus, you will have natural light all day long. Also, pay attention to excessive sun and protect the area with vegetation, curtains, draperies or black-outs. The Roman shades in various prints and textiles feel wonderful in a kitchen.

Corner Breakfast Nook

Indeed, corners are the best places for this type of arrangement. A bench or a curved sofa following the lines of the wall will accommodate easily here. A round table in the middle and everything is fine!

Breakfast Nook Furniture

Wicker furniture in various colours (white, beige, brown) is perfect for this setting. Relaxed and very comfortable, it fits amazingly in a dining area or on the terrace. Change the pillows of the chairs from time to time and you will get a very diverse environment at home!

Dining Nook

This dining area features a wild aesthetic: an animal carpet, two comfy brown leathered armchairs, a soft bench with storing boxes underneath and a kingsize picture saying … on the road, baby! I love the natural look of the flooring and the infusion of light it gets every day.

Custom Made Breakfast Nook

From round to rectangular tables, it is easy to adapt the board beautifully to various rooms and corners. Resembling a tiny bar, the table above was integrated in a corner by the window. You can admire the garden while having a hot cappuccino.

Breakfast Nook Table

Perfect for modest spaces, the bar above follows the lines of the wall and does not interfere with the overall design. You can have a quick snack or a glass of wine while admiring the landscape.

Breakfast Nook

A lively corner in pure white and sweet pink! To add fresh accents to a room, paint one wall in a vivid hue — orange, green or pink. Decorate with baroque frames and you will get a sophisticated look!

Building a Breakfast Nook Bench

Try a curved bench in a corner and you will make use of the space smartly!

Breakfast Nook Chandelier

The space is small, but it has grace…install a wide, beautiful chandelier and you will change the spirit immediately.

Kitchen Nook

A sofa between two cabinets and a round lemon table in front of it … you now have the perfect place to rest in the kitchen!

DIY Breakfast Nook with Storage

Most of the benches feature a storage department underneath. You can close it with doors or drawers, or leave it open … for books, magazines, plates and cups!