Fairy gardens and miniature gardens make your outdoor experience wonderful. Fountains, houses, gnomes, benches and a large variety of colourful creatures are there to put a smile on your face. All you have to do is … to think small! Pick slow growing plants and miniature accessories that relate in scale. Add interesting visual effects with spots, hand lamps or candles and let you fantasy explore the unknown. Invite your children to set up this living universe in a pot or a bunch of passionate friends who know what landscape design is. Regardless of the option, fairy gardens are catchy and romantic and building them up brings a lot of fun. Thirdly, pick a focus key for your garden: a tree, a house, a bridge etc. The, organise the scenery around it.

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Fairy gardens in hand carts

If you plan to set up a little garden in a hand cart, then look for slow growing plants and dwarf shrubs. For example, ground covers. They help to keep down weeds while also providing a smooth cover for the garden. Then, have a look at flowering shrubs like gardenias and peonies. They will bring an old-fashioned, cottage charm to the plot with their large blooms, which appear in late spring and early summer.

Miniature gardens

The beauty of a lazy afternoon at the beach can be ‘experienced’ at home, in a large decorative bowl. Half filled with sand or white fine gravel, the ‘pot’ became a fantastic location for a miniature garden. Three little hedgehog like shrubs, a tiny fence and a colourful umbrella do the job. The designer did not miss the beer cans, the shells and a small board indicating the beach.

The turf house

The Icelandic turf houses resulted in a very difficult climate that required serious isolation. To build this type of housing in miniature you need a mat of grass (turf or sod) and a digging shovel to make an excavation. Then, organise the scenery with style: ceramic pots with flowers, baskets fruits, a bell at the door and even a tiny mailing box will make the decor spectacular. As you can easily notice, every detail matters!

A cup of … gardening

The representation of a garden on a reduced scale is attractive and precious. Filled with layers of pebble and soil, the cup became a fertile ground for the small spots of grass and flowers. A tiny bench and a butterfly enliven the space which was already marked: my miniature garden!

As strange as it may seem, a shell is a perfect location for cultivating slow growing plants.

Carousel of shells and pearls

Where would this be possible if not in a miniature garden? A patient and ingenious designer made the ‘rocking chairs’ which were then hung by strings of pearls. The carousel is a dreamy piece any fairy would be enchanted to gent into!

Fairy gardens in transparent bowls

Invite the fairies into your life by creating spectacular tiny gardens with joy and creativity. Firstly, decide what container you’d like to use. A bowl, a pot, a vase or maybe a larger basin or bucket are the most common ‘grounds’. Secondly, sketch out its layout with a stick or draw it on a piece of paper. A fairy here, a flower there, two midgets near the bird house and a bridge over the river. Everything tiny and cute.

Fairy gardens with succulents, mushrooms and pumpkin houses

A place for having coffee and reading sessions. Fairies only. :-)

Your little girl will fall in love with this pink serene landscape! She will enjoy playing with dolls outside, while also taking care of a little garden.

Pots with succulents and tiny accessories

One of the most complex tiny scenery I’ve ever seen: a fabulous landscape depicting a house and a lake.