Originally intended to support vine stock, a garden trellis is now an architectural item per see. As the old French word suggests (treliz fabric of open texture), it is a lattice of intersecting pieces of wood, bamboo or metal. They are used in various places – agricultural fields, gardens, parks, playgrounds, lawns – to support climbers. I bet you have plenty of them at home too. Clematis, ivy, roses and various types of shrubs that need assistance to reach their potential. As we are going to spend a lot of time in the garden in the next 6 months, how we organise space outside is essential. Functional and very useful, a garden trellis also adds artistry and a sort of delicacy to your yard. Explore the collection and pick what fits best in your place!

Vegetal walls with garden trellis

The two green walls represent the fresh elements of the space. Meanwhile, this is an example of how you can improve a dull dining area flanked by common brick walls. Plant climbing greenery near the wall and you will transform a common area into a fresh, vitalised facade.

Wooden trellis

If I have to choose between wood and iron for my garden, I will always go for the first one. Its warm, natural look and sometimes candid softness make me feel very relaxed. In this case, the wooden structure represents a functional element, but also one that creates the space. The construction supports the climbing plants, while offering shelter and actually building the dining outdoor area.

All-white? Why not!

I sometimes fear my outdoor white furniture will not survive a heavy summer rain. But when I see layouts like the one exposed above, I definitely recommend pure, clean garden ‘equipment’. Featuring tall bar stools, wooden benches, rocket chairs and a simple protecting trellis, the picture above is on top of my list. Don’t forget to insert greenery and flowers to enliven the space.

Wine, barbecue and joie de vivere

This outdoor works like a sweet extension of the interior. Separated from the garden with a wooden flooring accompanied by pebbles, the area hosts a generous dining table for eight persons. In a corner, the owners installed a sink and a barbecue to make the outdoor cooking a lovely experience. Under the trellis, the summer heat becomes bearable.

Protective mat

Strange as it might seem, this light mat works amazingly as a protective ceiling. Choose a strong structure to install it so you can easily add pendants, lamps or any other lighting objects that create dreamy effects in the evening. The holes of the mat allow sun penetrate discretely, thus creating interesting effects of shadow and light. This is an element that adds dynamism for sure.

Garden trellis

This lovely place reminds me of the sunny Tuscan hills. Poems, laissez-faire, tasty food and, why not, discussing philosophy. This is the receipt for a perfect lazy afternoon with family and friends. The trellis supports the vine, while also providing shelter from the sun.

Baskets with flowers decorate this lovely wooden trellis

Would you like to take a nap outside? Then install a couch or a davenport under a wooden trellis and you will have a comfy, sheltered area to relax. With the lisp of a spring nearby, you will feel very close to the nature.

A minimalist wooden trellis attached to a contemporary residence

Near the pool, shelter from the sun is needed. I love the grid-like effect on the flooring and the fact that the designer opted for a clean, pure aesthetic. It somehow reminds me that the one that matters is you – a happy guest or owner of the house! Enjoy the scenery!

An adorable dining area featuring rustic and romanticism in a delicate mix

I am not sure this heavy rustic table is the perfect piece, but the atmosphere is delightful. The climbing plants make the space feel vigorous, while also imposing ‘altitude’. It is like dreaming big or dining with ambitions. Call it what you want; this place has charm, personality and uniqueness.

The flavour of a juicy meal, in the country side, touched by the Tuscan sun

The trellis can also function as a shed for a bench or for the gardening tools.

Trellis panels

Perfect for climbing roses, the panels are functional and elegant. Contemporary architecture go for simple, clean lines, therefore the structure of the trellis is basic, minimal. However, it mixes very well with the outdoor.

Simply enjoyable!

I find this place perfect! Elegant, sunny, neat and beautified by lovely baskets with flowers. The space is relaxed and enjoys a feminine, delicate touch. These waving curtains make the space even more adorable! Something is missing? Yes. Some white tall candles in transparent glass pots.

Trellis panels are extremely helpful for climbing plants.

Use trellis panels when you want to easily assembly a terrace or veranda near the house.