The collection of gray dining room ideas we’ve prepared for today contains a lot of stylish examples. This dusty-silvery hue is elegant, yet quite picky. Perfect for urban contemporary cribs, gray does not feel comfortable in country farm houses or mountain chalets. Its bold nature needs to be challenged by a metropolitan lifestyle. What does this mean? Spots of hot colors – yellow, orange, red -, sculptural pendants or chandeliers, a modern fireplace or an impressive high tech gadget can be mixed in a gray background. The feeling you have in such rooms is of strength, stability, balance. However, to avoid an effect of dullness, play with designing tricks and let natural light come inside as much as possible.

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Gray carpet with white prints

The living room above displays in a large open space and it features a comfy corner sofa. Flanked by two lamps, the area invites the inhabitants to relax by the fireplace. As you can easily notice, the room is divided in two. A warm area on the left and a ‘cold’ one on the right.

Gray Dining Room Ideas

Featuring classic influences, this dining room is a sweet mix of light gray and sober brown. The first one represents the background: walls painted in silvery gray with white accents (baseboards, window frames and jambs). Although it might feel strange, introducing spots of orange and green proved to be very lively.

A baroque inspired carpet adds style to this reading corner. I like the vintage effect of the print; it gives you the impression that the carpet is a precious reconditioned piece.

Geometries and grids

Indeed, patterns have their power. With their mere presence, they add dynamism to a place, while also making it feel well organized. If you want to enliven the space a little bit, introduce spots of green and flowered patterns.

The Oriental touch

What about Indian flavors? Hot colored pillows, paintings or curtains are perfect to change the mood of a place. In this case, the Indian patterns integrated perfectly. Use them for textiles or paintings.

Sumptuous bedroom

A baroque style bed is difficult to integrate in a modern apartment. However, there are many tricks to make it feel contemporary. The interior above features a soft modern carpet and an Eames inspired rocking chair. The fireplace dominates the room with its imposing structure, ornate details and coal black color.

Contemporary mix: leather, steel and glass

Bold and catchy, this interior feels very powerful. How do you sweeten the masculine touch? Let natural light in: diaphanous curtains and tall windows will assure a beautiful atmosphere inside. For a dramatic effect, install an old camera or an umbrella on a spider holder.

Gray and blue

A quite cold interior was enlivened by insertions of sparkling blue. This dining room featuring a table for six is elegant and sophisticated. To enhance its charm, the designer chose a fine wood paneling. As a result, the interior reflects stability.

Fix some shelves in the wall for exhibiting decorative items…

Powered by nature

A pair of deer horns and two large pots with greenery transformed this dining room into a surprising interior. The mix between this antique table and the transparent plastic chairs is bold and remarkable. Thus, do not be shocked if an artsy friend will invite you to dine in a museum next Saturday.

Some decors rely on a central piece and create the rest of the universe around it. This was exactly the case with the room above, dominated by a ‘giant’ globe. Recalling a party in a glamorous club, the pendant transforms the dinners into fairy tales.