Designed by Widawscy Studio Architektury, house in Zabrze is inhabited by a family of four. The owners wanted a modern and bright interior, and about other issues they decided to rely on architects. Consequently, this has resulted in good cooperation and the creation of the present interior. Living area (kitchen, dining room, living room) is left open, creating one, but well-ordered space. The interior is dominated by whites and grays tones connected with structure of natural oak. Uniform colors of the interior is highlighted by the diversity of white surface textures: glossy fronts of furniture, mat walls, linen fabric and structural plate. The living room is dominated by graphite sofa and together with white armchairs Barcelona project Mies van der Rohe, perfectly suited to the minimalist character of the interior. Both – the bedroom and the bathroom is dominated by white, which visually expands the space and the variety of white structures in conjunction with veneered surfaces adds a modern expression to the interior. Special and distinctive space in the house is a playroom.

Zabrze house-designrulz-001 Zabrze house-designrulz-002 Zabrze house-designrulz-003 Zabrze house-designrulz-004 Zabrze house-designrulz-005 Zabrze house-designrulz-006 Zabrze house-designrulz-007 Zabrze house-designrulz-008 Zabrze house-designrulz-009 Zabrze house-designrulz-010 Zabrze house-designrulz-011 Zabrze house-designrulz-012 Zabrze house-designrulz-013 Zabrze house-designrulz-014 Zabrze house-designrulz-015 Zabrze house-designrulz-016 Zabrze house-designrulz-017 Zabrze house-designrulz-018 Zabrze house-designrulz-019 Zabrze house-designrulz-020 Zabrze house-designrulz-021 Zabrze house-designrulz-022