What’s a window seat? A comfy spot with a view that offers storage too. We’ve told you before, they are absolutely amazing. These cozy ‘benches’ installed at the window are able to change your mood immediately. Thus, if you have space and time to reorganize the look of your room, try it! You will not be disappointed. What steps should you follow? First, determine if the area that exists is sufficient for the seating you want. Of course, you should consult an architect or an engineer to see if this kind of work can be done safely. What’s the typical length? Many producers have prototypes that can be installed easily, but I advise you to wait a little bit longer and get your own personalized window set. You can add drawers or cases, decide on the type of wood or on some tiny carved decorations here and there. This will add value to your room. Last, but not least, browse the legislation to see if you need a special permit for changing the structure of the building. (many cities require this and it’s better to know it before actually starting installing it). Good luck and send us some pictures!

Rooms Window Seat-designrulz (1)

The cheerful look

Colourful pillows by the window and a lovely garden is all you need to relax. Look what an amazing symbiosis was created here! The bench is simple and it features several storing cases underneath. Large windows let the natural light come inside all day long. The window sill continues on a large size, on the other side too, thus making the seat very secure.

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Rooms Window Seat-designrulz (1)

The austere frame

I love this masculine almost austere frame of a house in the woods. It is simply, yet elegant and romantic. Those who want to rest by the window take a pillow and admire the landscape. It looks like a natural continuation of the dining area. It goes without saying that ornaments are not welcomed here. :-)

Rooms Window Seat-designrulz (2)

Rustic influences

Put a rough blanket or one made of wool and you’ll bring the country side look by the window. A wooden coffee table nearby and a cactus in a ceramic pot complete the scenery. The arrangement works for chalets and holiday homes in the mountains. This corner is adorable, isn’t it?

Rooms Window Seat-designrulz (3)

Enclosed in a frame

Some want to stay stick to essential things. This window seat above was enclosed in a wooden frame that integrates perfectly in the decor of the bedroom. Natural bare wood makes the room feel warm and cozy. As you can easily notice, the structure continues the niche created for decorative pieces and the TV set. The cat will love the place too.

Rooms Window Seat-designrulz (4)

Vivid patterns

Three spots connect above – the tiles, the window seat and the garden. How? Through a very lively green that has the power to enliven the place. If you are a perfectionist, pair the decorative design of the pillows with little spots in the room. The layout will feel harmonious. You do not know what pattern to choose? The vegetal prints are an option if you want to be close to the nature.

Rooms Window Seat-designrulz (5)

A bookcase underneath

Some opt for cases, some let the space open and transform it in a bookcase. You can go for a plain arrangement or you can play with shelves randomly so to obtain catchy structures. Pick resistant wood to hold both the weight of the books, but especially of the inhabitants.

Rooms Window Seat-designrulz (6)

This window seat is very simple and continues the decor of the room very smoothly.

Rooms Window Seat-designrulz (7)

A table for two

Not only seats, but also a table so you can dine by the window. Simple and practical, the set is perfect if you have enough space. Fix some pendants to add some romanticism and a flower pot to impress the lady.

Rooms Window Seat-designrulz (8)

The natural charm

One of my favourite spots in the gallery is this lovely window seat featuring a large bench which also has shelves for books underneath. The window is large so the inhabitants can admire the natural landscape as much as possible. A niche with a pile of wood was installed nearby, thus boosting the natural feeling at home. I already envy the owners of the house.

Rooms Window Seat-designrulz (9)

A bunch of pillows and you’ll feel adorable! 

Rooms Window Seat-designrulz (10)

A comfy bench at the window to admire the pool

Rooms Window Seat-designrulz (11)

It’s not mandatory but try to avoid solid, heavy frames. This will make the frontier between the interior and the exterior almost inexistent. 

Rooms Window Seat-designrulz (12) Rooms Window Seat-designrulz (13) Rooms Window Seat-designrulz (14) Rooms Window Seat-designrulz (15) Rooms Window Seat-designrulz (16) Rooms Window Seat-designrulz (17) Rooms Window Seat-designrulz (18) Rooms Window Seat-designrulz (19) Rooms Window Seat-designrulz (20)

The window seat integrates in the structure of the wall. This makes the layout look neat, immaculate. Would you try it at home?

Rooms Window Seat-designrulz (21) Rooms Window Seat-designrulz (22)

A different height by comparison to low level seats

Rooms Window Seat-designrulz (23)

This one was ‘included’ in the closet. 

Rooms Window Seat-designrulz (24)

To conclude, a window seat is the perfect place to relax. Take nature by your side while reading, drinking a glass of wine or simply meditating.