Everyone has their favorite places to read and every reader knows that the environment affects how we read: reading in bed, feeling warm and comfortable and relaxed, is different from reading on a cold railway station waiting for a train, or in the sun on a crowded beach, or in a library full of other readers, or alone in a favorite chair at ten o’clock in the morning… Designrulz’s collection of 45 Divine Window Seats  will guide your searches for the perfect nook where you can relax, read, drink a cup of tea or watch the kids play in the garden. Building a nook by the window has always posed a challenge for many people: how to make the most of the space under the window so it feels comfortable and adds charm to the whole room? By using miniature sofas, pillows, cushions, even small mattresses, a wonderful window seat can be created. Window seats can become your favorite spot in the home, provided that the ledge is wide enough to accommodate a seat or you can choose to add miniature sofas to create the dreamy seat you have been thinking about. These are for adults only. It would be nice to sit here and read or soak in the beautiful view. A nap might be nice too.

images sources: pinterest.com