The studio apartments are a newer concept and are rapidly gaining popularity all across the globe. Do you live in a small apartment? Many of us whether by choice or necessity live in smaller apartments. We tend to think of our dream home as a huge house with space for everything. If you’re in a studio apartment and aren’t sure when that space will grow into something bigger, there’s no reason to wait to create your dream home. Efficiency apartment is the perfect term for a studio apartment as a single unit of flat contains all the essential rooms found in an apartment without any barrier of walls or divisions. Giving you all the creative freedom.

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Studio apartments, also known as a bachelor-style apartment, efficiency apartment or a studio flat are small and self-contained. These kinds of apartments typically consist of one large room which serves as the living, dining, and bedroom. Kitchen facilities may either be located in the central room, or in a small separate room, and the bathroom is usually in its own smaller room. Studio apartment living is perfect for people who love simplicity. Just because you only have one room doesn’t mean your decor can’t fulfill all of your hopes and dreams. When there are no spare bedrooms or closets to pile full of junk you can truly have a more peaceful life, free from the burden of excesses.
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Even though there is no fixed formula when it comes to designing a small home or room, we can think of a few “keys to success”. The ideas presented in these 5  studio apartments designs below are definitely worth a second look. We know most of you are looking for clever ways to enhance space in your home, which is why we decided to put this post together. Just because a studio is smaller and simpler doesn’t mean it lacks style, as these spaces prove. Studios can be beautiful, serene, and inspirational in the hands of the right designer.
As you can see, every project is linked to the original article, where you will find plenty of images and information about each of the small apartments lined up below.  Check out these 5 beautiful studio apartments with major style that prove you can have it all in a small space. [081archTomas SciskalaAnastasia BloshchynskaLedia MinoDA Architects]. Enjoy and get inspired!
Anastasia Bloshchynska-orange-design-ideas Anastasia Bloshchynska-quaint-kitchen-table Anastasia Bloshchynska-reflective-countertop Anastasia Bloshchynska-white-brick2081arch-built-in-shelving 081arch-dark-grey-sofa1 081arch-eames-chair 081arch-grey-tile-bath 081arch-natural-wood-flooring 081arch-simple-living-room-design 081arch-simple-netural-bedroom 081arch-soft-grey-sofa 081arch-tiled-bathroom2 081arch-white-tile-flooring 081arch-white-wall-paneling 081arch-wood-panel-cabinets 081arch-wood-slat-bedDA Architectsblue-sofa DA Architectscerulean-sofa DA Architectschevron-wood-floor DA Architectscool-side-chair DA Architectscustom-shelving DA Architectshall-design-ideas DA Architectswhite-bedroom Ilya Taslitskiy-awesome-light-fixture Ilya Taslitskiy-black-marble-dining-table Ilya Taslitskiy-crazy-light-fixture Ilya Taslitskiy-light-wood-panelig Ilya Taslitskiy-modern-bean-bag Ilya Taslitskiy-polished-wood-flooring1 Ledia Mino-cool-sofa-design Ledia Mino-minimal-studio Ledia Mino-modern-living-room Ledia Mino-wood-paneling Tomas Sciskala-artsy-studio Tomas Sciskala-gorgeous-studio Tomas Sciskala-lilac-eames-chair Tomas Sciskala-natural-wod-cabinets