Are you looking for an improvement? Do you find yourself browsing madly thousands of design books looking for an ultimate, desperate solution to decorate your apartment? Then, you’ve come to the right place. Russia based Sava Studio is specialized in 3D visualization and realized different interior design solutions in a gallery host by their website, You can choose between rooms decorated with baroque details, modern furnishings or classic ornaments. Perfect for small apartments, the designs rely on a quite plain scheme: the studio showcases predominantly neutral tones such as white, cream and brown letting the pieces of furniture to create an elegant contrast.  It is by no means an easy feat to achieve an interesting look within neutrals, many have tried and failed, but the secrets are all revealed in this collection of beautiful visualizations.
designrulz-Sava Studio-001
An elegant armchair in the bedroom.
designrulz-Sava Studio-002
Spots create interesting shadows.
designrulz-Sava Studio-003
Heavy curtains and an elegant chandelier make the room very special.
designrulz-Sava Studio-004
Bring nature inside with floral patterns.
designrulz-Sava Studio-005
Wood is a material that makes every room look warm and cozy. Try it for your kitchen!
designrulz-Sava Studio-006
A living room in white and dark brown.
designrulz-Sava Studio-007
A blue room for the kids.
designrulz-Sava Studio-008
Is there an aquarium on the wall?
designrulz-Sava Studio-009
What are the news today? Have a look on the wall!

designrulz-Sava Studio-010 designrulz-Sava Studio-011 designrulz-Sava Studio-012 designrulz-Sava Studio-013 designrulz-Sava Studio-014

designrulz-001 designrulz-002 designrulz-003 designrulz-004 designrulz-005 designrulz-006 designrulz-007 designrulz-008 designrulz-009 designrulz-010 designrulz-011 designrulz-012 designrulz-013 designrulz-014 designrulz-015 designrulz-016 designrulz-017 designrulz-018 designrulz-019