All apartments are decorated in industrial style with amazing brick walls, which make the space unique and more pleasant. For today, we gather Top 10 Charming Apartments Decorated in Industrial Style.  The whole concepts are well organized to make your everyday tasks more simple and easy. Don’t forget that by clicking on the links, you can see more photos and details about each project!

Industrial Attic Apartment by Dimitar Karanikolov, Sofia, Bulgaria

Industrial attic apartment designed by Dimitar Karanikolov and Veneta Nikolova, situated in Sofia, Bulgaria. Architect Dimitar Karanikolov and interior designer Veneta Nikolova moved to Sofia, where they found a small but interesting attic apartment in a newly built development. They spent the next two years reconstructing the place, designing furniture and experimenting with details, and finishes. An interior concept aiming at well-balanced hipster modernity garnished with pieces of vintage furniture and accessories. A massive dark “cube” occupies the center of the living room, hiding the bathroom (which sits on the top of the building’s elevator shaft).

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Zoku Loft by Concrete Architectural Associates, Amsterdam

Zoku Amsterdam is a new type of hotel promoting the concept of a spacious micro-apartment for global nomads. Designed by Concrete Architectural Associates, The Zoku Loft offers a spacious experience in a room of at least 25 square meters. Concrete has designed Zoku, a new hotel industry brand facilitating global living and working for the travelling professional. This micro-apartment will be a relaxed place to live, work and socialize with like-minded people while getting wired into the city. The first Zoku is expected to open in Amsterdam in the fall of 2015.

 10 designrulz-loft (1) 10 designrulz-loft (2) 10 designrulz-loft (3)

Unconventional Modern Design for a Loft in a Old Factory, Moscow

Designed in a old factory in Moscow, this two-level loft has everything that they may want a bachelor: exposed brick walls, furniture unconventional modern media center and industrial accents. The space is organized like this: public and private areas are separated visually only. The room is decorated in a loft style with a vintage red brick, large windows, arched bridges, open communications and plant designs. Industrial aesthetics emphasize the rough texture of materials, moody colors and intentional negligence of finishing.

8-Moscow-DESIGNRULZ-001 (1) 8-Moscow-DESIGNRULZ-001 (2) 8-Moscow-DESIGNRULZ-001 (3) 8-Moscow-DESIGNRULZ-001 (4)

Industrial Loft From An Old Printing Press by MINIM, Barcelona

MINIM design style is defined by their love of rescuing objects most people would discard and using them in new and beautiful ways. This philosophy led them to overhaul a cluttered and dilapidated printing press from Barcelona, making the old building look very stylish. “Timeless modern” design aesthetic includes plenty of earthy tones, worn leather, laboratory glass, science memorabilia, vintage industrial pieces and natural textures.

3-Designrulz_industrial lof (1) 3-Designrulz_industrial lof (2)

A Loft With Industrial Design by Russian Designer Maxim Zhukov

Industrial design has become very popular recently, especially for old buildings that were turned into living spaces. All you need is to create an illusion of rough surfaces and materials that suggest industrial past. The most simple way to show some roughness is to leave some walls or surfaces unfinished. You can see several suggestions in our gallery where we collected photos of a 3D project realized by Russian designer Maxim Zhukov.

7-designrulz_industrial lof (1) 7-designrulz_industrial lof (2) 7-designrulz_industrial lof (3)

Modern Loft Interior Design with Wood and Creative Industrial Elements

The loft, a stunning project designed by Ofist, was created specifically for a bachelor client. We love this modern loft interior design with wood and creative industrial elements. We’re delighted to be able to give you a look inside this inspiring home. The entry way is tucked out of the way but also spotlights a couple of selections from the owner’s art collection.

5- designrulz_industrial lof (1) 5- designrulz_industrial lof (2) 5- designrulz_industrial lof (3)

Industrial Elegant Loft Designed by Alexander Uglyanitsa

Russian designer Uglyanitsa Alexander created renderings of an elegant duplex loft-like residence for a Minsk, Belarus project. This loft is an interesting and unusual design with furniture mostly Riva by Pininfarina. The entire space is warmed by the wooden ceiling panels, which also succeed in making the lofty ceiling appear lower for a more intimate atmosphere; the paneled ceiling effect is played out in other areas too, like the feature wall paneling and the edging of the built in seating nook and entertainment unit. The loft have unusual design with concrete and raw stone walls.

2- designrulz_industrial lof (1) 2- designrulz_industrial lof (2) 2- designrulz_industrial lof (3) 2- designrulz_industrial lof (4)

 Industrial Loft Design by Casamanara

Located in SoHo, an area in in Lower Manhattan, New York, this loft was designed in 2014 by Casamanara. This 2,500 sq ft loft apartment is situated in an iconic building in SoHo, New York City. The interiors features a very homy feeling within an industrial shell.

1- designrulz_industrial loft (1) 1- designrulz_industrial loft (2)

Industrial Loft in San Diego, California

Situated in San Diego, California, this industrial loft was designed in 2014 by H2 / Hawkins + Hawkins Architects. The goal of this industrial loft project was to create expansive, energy-efficient living units while exposing the interior structural elements, in order to create bold, clean, industrial lofts. To accomplish this, the concrete coffered ceilings were patched and sandblasted; the concrete floors were ground smooth and sealed; single glazed windows were replaced with energy efficient, dual glazed, floor-to-ceiling vinyl windows with a bronze finish; and new energy efficient mechanical and electrical systems were installed.

1- designrulz_industrial loft (4) 1- designrulz_industrial loft (5) 1- designrulz_industrial loft (6)

Contemporary Industrial Style Loft in San Francisco, USA

This contemporary industrial style loft discovered by Designrulz on Teedhaze is located in South Beach, San Francisco, USA. The residence is comprised of 2,200 square feet (206 square meters) of live/work space and features a newly renovated, sleek design.

6- designrulz_industrial lof (1) 6- designrulz_industrial lof (2)