Each year ushers in a wave of new travel gadgets, but which ones are essential to travelers? Some of them are just too fun to miss, others add extra convenience to our experiences, and yet others open up new realms in the world of technology. You’ve guessed it: we’re talking about travel gadgets! These smart tools that have forever changed the way we experience the world are life-savers for today’s travelers.


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From the mother of all gadget chargers to a device that could save you hundreds at the luggage check-in counter, here are our favorite devices for frequent fliers. Here are 10 cool travel gadgets ready to make your trips safer, easier or simply more enjoyable.

1.Nomad collapsible tub with frame

The Original Nomad Collapsible Tub is extra portable, bring it camping or set it up in your own backyard. We designed our tub to be easy to set up and get soaking. (FOR REMOTE SOAKING SITES We recommend and use a Honda WX10 portable water pump that is capable of filling the Nomad tub in 10 minutes).

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nomad_designrulz (2) nomad_designrulz (3) DCIM102GOPRO nomad_designrulz (5)

2. Sport-Brella X-Portable Sun and Weather Shelter

The Sport-Brella Umbrella is a portable shelter from sun and hectic weather. It measures 8 feet wide when open and offers full cover protection, as the rugged umbrella structure includes side flaps that fold down to protect you from sideways rain and wind gusts. On sunny days, it’ll protect you from the sun while keeping you cool as it offers top wind vents and side zippered windows for cross-ventilation. It also includes convenient carry bags, tether and ground stakes to secure it properly into the ground.

umbrella sun_Designrulz (2) umbrella sun_Designrulz (3) umbrella sun_Designrulz (5)

3. The Solar Powered Fridge That Will Run All Day

For campers, soccer moms, hunters and medical transportation, this portable fridge-freezer and warmer is the bee’s knees. It can be charged by a standard outlet, a car charger or by simply leaving it outside – it’s solar-powered! The solar panels will charge all day, then it runs on battery all night. Its insulated metal walls are lightweight, weather resistant and can collapse flat like a briefcase. As if it couldn’t get any cooler, the Anywhere Fridge also comes with charging ports to re-fuel your phone or laptop.

designrulz_ridge-normal (1) designrulz_ridge-normal (2) designrulz_ridge-normal (3) designrulz_ridge-normal (4)

4. The Walk On Water Inflatable

This is the inflatable mat that allows you to literally walk, run, or lounge on water. The 90′ sq. float holds up to six adults and supports up to 1,000 lbs., enabling sprinting, cartwheels, or cannon balls directly into a lake.

aqua pad

5. The VW Bus Tent

This is the waterproof tent that reproduces the classic VW bus, comfortably sleeping four while transporting campers back to the Psychedelic 60’s. The Volkswagen Type 2 (a.k.a. the Camper Van or simply, The Bus) was the vehicle of choice for mobile post-war Americans, as Flower Children and families alike flocked to music festivals and campgrounds.

car tent designrulz (1) car tent designrulz (2) car tent designrulz (3)

6. The Tailgaters’ Hammocks

This is the dual hammock that sets up on a trailer hitch for optimal comfort and convenience when tailgating. Two 600-denier polyester hammock chairs have hanging footrests, allowing tailgaters to relax in a reclined position while keeping feet and legs elevated. The hammock chairs hang from a three-piece stand that assembles and attaches to any 2″ trailer hitch in just 10 minutes. The hammock stand is made from powder-coated steel with nickel plated hardware and the chairs have a durable PVC backing, braided rope suspension, and hardwood dowels for years of reliable use. The chairs store in the included cases for ease of portability.


7. The Car Top Carrier Dinghy

This is the car-top carrier that doubles as an 8′-long, two-person dinghy. Made from rotational-molded polyethylene into a double-hulled boat, it secures to a vehicle’s existing rooftop cargo rack with a patented carrier base, providing 14.7′ cu. of storage space. Integrated 1/2″ steel pins accommodate padlocks for securing the carrier’s contents, and a built-in PVC post props up the carrier while loading and unloading.

car boat_Designrulz (5)car boat_Designrulz (3)car boat_Designrulz (2)car boat_Designrulz (4)car boat_Designrulz (1)

8. The In Pool Exercise Glider

This aquatic exercise apparatus takes advantage of water’s natural buoyancy and resistance to deliver an effective low-impact workout that’s gentle on joints and muscles. The unit rests in water at least 3′ deep, and users simply stand on its foot pads and glide back and forth in a motion similar to an elliptical machine. The device enables users to gain the benefits of regular aquatic exercise in their own pool, increasing range of motion, building muscle strength, and improving cardiovascular conditioning. Because the exercise is performed in water, users can maintain balance more easily and the force applied to joints is far less than that of land-based equipment.

Pool Exercise Glider_designrulz

9. The Ten Person Water Totter

This is the water teeter totter that rocks up to ten people for safe, reliable waterborne fun for entire families. Five people positioned on either side grasp one of 20 built-in handles and then use body weight to rock the structure 10′ above the water’s surface and splash opponents.

Water Totter_designrulz (1) Water Totter_designrulz (2)

10. Blue Lagoon – Big Inflatable Floating Island

The Blue Lagoon Floating Island is a giant inflatable that can seat up to 6 people. It is made of a heavy-duty PVC construction and features a swim-up platform, 2 built-in coolers, 4 beverage holders and a wading pool. Once inflated, this big floating island measures 15′-8″ by 9′-4″.

Blue Lagoon – Big Inflatable Floating Island_DESIGNRULZ (1) Blue Lagoon – Big Inflatable Floating Island_DESIGNRULZ (2) Blue Lagoon – Big Inflatable Floating Island_DESIGNRULZ (3) Blue Lagoon – Big Inflatable Floating Island_DESIGNRULZ (4)