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Third Rail Trio Slim Protective Case and Fuel Universal Rechargeable External Smart Battery Combo Kit for iPhone 4 and 4S

Third Rail Slim Case measures 4.96 in x 2.43 in x 0.46 in and weighs 0.85 oz. The slim case that offers hard-shell protection comes with good durability as well. Smooth usage is provided by this accessory with its soft touch coating. You can very well access all iPhone 4 features though it is small and fit inside the slim case. You can use your iPhone 4/ 4s for the whole day as there is provision to attach a battery to the case. Convenient charging is made possible from a single power source just by stacking the Smart Batteries on the case via micro USB. The Third Rail Smart Batteries compatibility of the case makes convenience for sharing the same with any of your family, friends or co-workers.

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PowerDock 5 – Multi-Charger Dock Charges 5 USB devices For iPad, iPhone, iPod

It doesn’t take up much room, about the same as a single iPad. But it gives you a place to store and charge 5 iOS devices at one time, from a single power source. We think it’s the perfect charging solution for small offices or work groups, or a family full of iPhone users.

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Powertraveller Power Monkey Extreme 9000mAh Solar Charger For iPad, iPad 2,iPhone,Nook,Xoom,Kindle,Playbook

Use the sun’s energy so your gadgets don’t run out of juice. This is a battery charged from a solar panel that holds its charge for up to a year, ready to power your phone, laptop or tablet.



Universal Charger IDAPT i1 Eco 28 EUR

IDAPT i1 Eco is a dual charger (tip and USB) that allows you to charge all your devices  for  today and tomorrow, reducing the daily impact on the environment. Innovative interchangeable tip system allows you to use only one charger for all your devices, ensuring a future proof compatibility, thanks to our commitment to constantly develop new tips. Use it at home, in the car or while travelling and forget about the stand-by power draw with our revolutionary auto-off system.
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Portable Wi-Fi Signal Booster – $62

Wi-Fi in hotel rooms, airports, restaurants and other public areas more often than not sucks, if it exists at all. What you need is a portable signal booster to enhance the network’s reach and signal strength. You can carry around in your pocket while you’re traveling. Just plug it into a power outlet and it connects to the Wi-Fi network and rebroadcasts an enhanced signal. Allows up to 10 devices to access the network simultaneously, and offers download speeds of up to 150 Mbps.


Satechi Smart Travel Router with USB Port for charging iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, MP3 devices, and more in US, CA, MX, UK, EU, AU, NZ, HK, and China (with Router)

It’s no big secret that the Internet service in hotels and restaurants sucks, if it exists in the first place. The Smart Travel Router from Satechi acts as a router, connecting to your ISP and creating your own wireless network. It can also be used as a repeater to amplify an existing Wi-Fi network, or connect to a wired source and broadcast a wireless network that your devices can pick up. It also has an AC power port and USB for charging your devices. The Smart Travel Router can only support passwords containing letters and numbers. Special characters cannot be used.

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Boostcase Hybrid Battery Case for iPhone 5 2200 mAh – White

The iPhone gets better every year, with new features and more bells and whistles. All this takes up more and more juice, and your new iPhone gets discharged faster than ever before. So you get the Boostcase, which is actually a two-part hybrid thingie. One part is the snap-on case which makes your iPhone look sleek and sexy. The other half of the Boostcase is a battery sleeve that clips on top the back of the case and brings your iPhone back to full charge in a jiffy.

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BioLite Wood Burning Campstove

Whether you live in an isolated area, love camping or feel a strong urge to prepare for a zombie apocalypse, you need a way to cook your chow.  Thanks to its unique design, the BioLite Camping Stove can cook, heat and charge your electronic devices using only renewable biomass such as twigs, pinecones, wood pellets and other easily obtainable flammable materials.  The ingenious design uses an internal fan to create airflow, which combines with the fuel chamber to create an ultra-efficient combustion fire. The heat generated is converted into electricity using the Power Module which is stored in the lithium ion battery or output to charge smaller devices.

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Energizer SPMFI1 Charging Station with 3 Outlet – Retail Packaging – Black

The Energizer is your ideal travel companion. It has a charging dock for your iPhone, iPad and iPod, in addition to three surge protected outlets for charging any electronic device. It also has a USB port, and is essentially an all-in-one charger that eliminates the need for you to carry separate chargers for all your devices. Oh, and lest we forget, it also has a night light with an on/off switch.


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iPhone Case Multi Tools – $45

Smartphones are often referred to as Swiss Army knives. They’re digital cameras, and movie players. And with their vast app selections, there’s little else they can’t do — much like the popular pocketable multi-tool. But the new TaskOne case takes the term a little more literally. With its built-in 2.5? drop point blade, bottle opener, wire cutters and host of other tools, it actually does turn your iPhone into a Swiss Army knife…


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