Your next Floating Boathouse project should capture the essence of your lifestyle and we’ll be glad to help you transform that vision into the next noted landmark on the water! There’s something unique about floating houses that makes them incredibly appealing. Inspirational and courageous design work have been combined to create these Amazing Floating Boathouses. Enjoy and tell us your opinion!

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Boat’s House at Millstätter Lake in Seeboden by MHM architects

Inspired by the ecology of the shoreline, MHM Architects designed and built this striking boat house on Milstätter Lake in Austria. The boathouse was built as a solitary building at the Seebodner lakeside of the Millstätter lake in Carinthia. The boathouse was built by MHM architects as a solitary building at the Seebodner lakeside of Millstätter lake in Carinthia, Austria. The structure contains three boat slips, spa and wellness area, a gym and a small kitchen.

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The Kebony Boat House

Kebony AS, this year’s winner of the British Best Business Award for Innovation, is delighted to unveil its latest project – The Kebony Boat House – a traditional yet architecturally-striking landmark in the heart of Oslo Harbour.

the Kebony Boat House

Kebony Boat House (1) Kebony Boat House (2) Kebony Boat House (3) Kebony Boat House (4) Kebony Boat House (5)

Floating House by MOS Architects

This project intersects a vernacular house typology with the site-specific conditions of this unique place: an island on Lake Huron. The location on the Great Lakes imposed complexities to the house’s fabrication and construction, as well as its relationship to site.

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The SayBoat by Milan ?ídký

This contemporary houseboat by Milan ?ídký is located in Marina Vltava, Nelahozeves, Czech Republic.
It is a 2012 project that was designed to be livable all year-round. The houseboat is built with a clear vision which can be summarized in Corbusier‘s assertion that “human habitation should be a cell with a view of the stars”. The floating house is full-fledged residence, providing all features that are associated with a pleasant housing.

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Houseboat on the Eilbekkanal by Rost Niderehe Architects

Hamburg-based studio Rost Niderehe Architects has designed this 1,184 square foot houseboat on the Eilbek canal in Hamburg, Germany. The formal architectural language should be clear and simple. This is reflected both in the floor plans as well as in creation of the individual rooms. Using a single wall that wraps like a spiral from the outside to the inside, the rooms are developed from public use on the outside (kitchen, dining room) to private use on the inside (bedroom, bathroom).

4 HouseboatEilbekkanal (1) 4 HouseboatEilbekkanal (2)4 Houseboat-on-the-Eilbekkanal (5) 4 Houseboat-on-the-Eilbekkanal (3) 4 Houseboat-on-the-Eilbekkanal (2)

Earl Ferguson Construction is unique for many reason, including possessing a history of over 150 years as master builders in Muskoka. Nestled in the shorelines of Lake Rosseau, Joseph and Muskoka are hundreds of boathouses. They often take clients on the water to see many of our own custom designed and crafted boathouses. Their boat houses are constructed and finished to be much more than shelters for your watercraft. They design each one to be complimentary to the main cottage and the uses our clients have in mind. Some feature three or more bays, usable space on a second level, storage for a golf cart and we’ve also custom designed space for saunas.

10 Boathouse (5)10 Boathouse (1)  10 Boathouse (3) 10 Boathouse (4)10 Boathouse (2)A Norwegian Boathouse Converted into a Contemporary Summer Home by TYIN tegnestue

Designed by architects TYIN tegnestue, the building is made of materials that were salvaged from a dilapidated boathouse on the site, plus new grey-patinated pine. Completed in January 2011 for a total budget of $45,000, this eighteenth century boathouse was torn down, rebuilt and converted into a contemporary summer home by the architects. The Naust paa Aure is located in Møre og Romsdal county, a remote area of Norway. Originally there was an old naust at the site which had to be torn down because of its bad state. The distinct qualities of the old naust became key aspects when designing the new building

Naust Paa Aure by TYIN tegnestue Naust Paa Aure by TYIN tegnestue Naust Paa Aure by TYIN tegnestue Naust Paa Aure by TYIN tegnestue

Lake Joseph Boathouse by Altius Architecture

Modern wooden boathouse designed by Altius Architecture located at the Lake Joseph, in Forestburgh, New York. The design of this boathouse, on the shore of Lake Joseph, is driven by stringent guidelines prescribed in the zoning by-laws.

5 lake-joseph (1) 5 lake-joseph (2) 5 lake-joseph (3)

Muskoka Lakes Boathouse

This rebuilt boathouse contains a new 600sq.ft. second storey guest suite – complete with kitchenette, living space, three piece washroom, bedroom and roof terrace. Situated at the end of a narrow bay, the design mediates between extended views out to the wide vista of the distant lake and the immediacy of the enclosed forested shoreline of the bay. Its design in the wilderness attempts to strike a balance between modernism and the vernacular, building and nature, light and dark, as well as the intellect and the senses–all through its conceptual arrangements, material palette, spatial organization and construction methods.

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Water Villa by Framework Architects

Water Villa is a 2011 project by Framework Architects and Studio Prototype located in Gabriël Metsustraat, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Sharp, vertical lines are prevalent throughout this contemporary boathouse, emphasizing the upward transition between water and air.

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