Inspired by the ecology of the shoreline, MHM Architects designed and built this striking boat house on Milstätter Lake in Austria. The boathouse was built as a solitary building at the Seebodner lakeside of the Millstätter lake in Carinthia. The boathouse was built by MHM architects as a solitary building at the Seebodner lakeside of Millstätter lake in Carinthia, Austria. The structure contains three boat slips, spa and wellness area, a gym and a small kitchen.boathouse-DESIGNRULZ-013

The location of the construction is characterized by the intersection line between water and soil, directly at the foot a precipitous slope in which also the remaining buildings of the property complex are situated. Due to their elevated position, those houses have an extensive view at the south and the west facade of the boathouse. Straddling the shoreline, the home is represented in two materials to show the relationship of the footprint over water and land. the volume over the ground is wrapped with copper panels while the section extending into the lake is clad with lumber planks. the Siberian larch strips as well as copper will naturally weather with time for a changing appearance. eventually, the greyed wood will contrast the green patina of the metal exterior. The boats are cleverly hidden behind a moving accordion-style facade that further helps the building blend in.


The bottom floor accommodates three boats – one with a motor, one for a rowing and one for a sailing. Behind this is storage space, which is covered with a green roof that connects to the hillside behind. This green ramp leads onto the boathouse and eliminates the need for a boat ramp, which were banned on the lake. The upstairs features a wellness center with space for a solarium, massage and fitness training, as well as a small tea kitchen and a relaxing area. Solar passive design and natural ventilation help to control the building’s interior climate, and energy-efficient air-to-water heat pumps provide heating and cooling when necessary. Rainwater is harvested from the green roof and used to irrigate the surrounding landscape.


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