The domestic sink can take on many different forms, from a traditional round bowl basin to a sharp-edged shallow twin user trough. For today, we found some inspirations for an Appealing Wooden Bathroom Design, including ecologically friendly ideas, integrated systems and cunningly concealed designs.

Luxurious And Dramatic Wooden Bathtubs Make A Bold Visual Statement

The most fascinating bathtub of all. Its wide rim and the overflow integrated therein enable the tub to be filled brimful. Excess water will then gurgle pleasantly away between the pebbles. Blending in seamlessly with any modern bathroom setting, the Laguna Series features three different tubs, with each one bringing its own unique flair to the bathroom floor. The ergonomic and free-standing model PEARL steals the show with its fabulous finish, elegant form and flowing curves. Bringing the high-quality workmanship of Laguna bathtubs to the fore, it definitely is the shining pearl among the collection. Easy to install, it promises to be the showstopper of your renovated bathroom. This system gives you the possibility to relax your neck and head in warm water pure bliss after a tiring day! The wide rim, which one can also sit on, makes getting in and out an easy matter. Attractive optical accents can be set with the employment of different pebbles or even other materials – bathing becomes a delight beyond comparison.

laguna_spa_DESIGNRULZ (2)Natural-stone-on-the-edge-of-the-bathtublaguna_spa_DESIGNRULZ (3)Beautifully-designed-wooden-bathtubGorgeous-wooden-bathtub-ideaLaguna-Basic-Bathtub-from-AlegnaStylish-modern-wooden-bathtubsCloser-look-at-the-Luguna-Basic    Elegant-wooden-Laguna-bathtubs Free-standing-modern-wooden-bathtub-design (1)Brilliant-Laguna-Pearl-BathtubCool-modern-wooden-bathtubLabish-Laguna-Pearl-wooden-bathtub  Glossy-finish-of-the-Pearl        Laguna-pearl-in-wooden-finish  Wooden-bathrubs-with-intricate-detailsLaguna-range-of-wooden-bathtubs-from-Alegna  Natural-wood-bathtub-idea Sleek-shape-of-Laguna-Basic-Bathtub Standalone-wooden-bathtub-design-model

Wooden Sink by By Antonio Bullo

Top mounted washbasin in wood stratified bloom. The sink Gene in wood stratified bloom is an already present shape in the catalogue Plavisdesign, which for years accumulates consents.


Depth Basin by Lago

The result of a subtraction of volumes from an 8-cm-thick shelf, Depth is a washbasin that plays with our sense of void and depth. The inclined bottom, in transparent glass, creates a continual surprise and fast water flow.

The visual effect of Wildwood comes from a special treatment that also increases its resistance.


Wooden Sink by Rapsel

Sophisticated bathroom transformation that allows the usual washbasin, wc and shower tray to disappear under minimal structure made of larch wood. The resulting surfaces may be used as a seating or shelving solution.


Natural Edge Oregon Walnut Wooden Sink

This is a Natural Edge Oregon Walnut sink. This sink is 17inW 10inH 2inThick and was turned on the lathe. It was properly dried, and finished with a waterproof conversion varnish finish. It also has custom holes drilled for the drain. This project came out great and to this day has shown no signs of water damage. Email me if you are interested in a wooden sink.

sink DR (1) sink DR (2)

Water map

A wooden basin in the form of a topographic map in which water flows through ducts like river channels.

The basin follows the pattern of streets in the centre of London. The same technique can be applied to other maps, but this choice is a tribute to England as the site of the world’s first industrial production, in the 18th century.

Water_map_sink DR (2)Water_map_sink DR (1)