A wooden bathtub is a statement for luxury, opulence and sophistication. But, it is a return to our essences too.


If you claim to be an environmentally friendly person, then a bathtub carved in a log may represent the peak of your green actions. Realized by Bagno Sasso Mobili, most of the examples below aim to help you create your own personal haven of well-being. The production process includes an individual wooden structure created through high-tech material components; the tubs are crafted by hand, making each unit unique, and giving customers an entirely new bathing experience. Be it egg-shaped, round or rectangular, combined with steel or glass, the items offer one of the most extravagant treatments in the world. Although the finishing operation does not sound very green, the tubs were made for fine tastes only, being placed in elegant residences or fancy hotels. But, if you do not have money for costly products, it is worth trying a wine barrel tub instead.

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