“Green walls” are getting more and more popular, as people look for more eco-friendly ways to garden and utilize space. Vibrant living walls are a striking way to infuse a little more green in urban areas (not to mention the air quality health benefits they provide) — and having your own is easier than you’d think. The gorgeous green living wall is not an idea that is solely exclusive to the modern world. Beautiful green gardens that were precariously hanging onto the walls of structures have also graced ancient times.

35 Creative Ways To Recycle Wooden Pallets

No space? No problem. These no-fuss kits will let you customize the size, shape, and greens that you grow indoors or out – from adding a small on-the-wall bouquet to your living room to creating a detailed portrait from teeny succulents. Brilliant, audacious and fresh, living walls are indeed a great addition to any contemporary residence. But how about creating this vibrant delight all on your own?


What you need
• Good-quality wooden pallet (painting or staining optional)
• Landscape material
• Pair of scissors
• Large stapler
• 2 large bags of potting mix
• 12 heather plants (using a mixture of green ericas and purple callunas)



DIY Pallet Living Wall


Handmade Redwood Frames From Succulent Gardens

Succulent Gardens -designrulz-002

Succulent Gardens Succulent Gardens‘ handmade redwood frames are designed to be the perfect container for petite but hardy succulent plants — though the firm back and interior mesh also keep your wall garden from getting dirt and water all over your house. view more info: www.luna-see.com

Succulent Gardens -designrulz-001  Succulent Gardens -designrulz-003




livingwall_before_after_edited-1 livingwallnowfinal step1n2 step3n4



23  2x1x8 pine beams
2 rolls of 3 x 50 ft weed blocker
½ gallon of outdoor paint
nail and staple gun
1½” nails
5/16″ staples
5 cubic feet potting soil/compost mix
a variety of succulents
Step 1:
Remove the inner lattice. The inner dimensions of our frame measured 8×8 ft.

Step 2:
Insert two upright 1×2’s approximately 31” apart into the frame.  Use a nail gun to secure them to the frame.
Step 3:
Insert horizontal 1×2 beams that will hold the plants.  The beams were set 2 ¾” apart and nailed into the frame and the uprights.

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